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Hackett Kingboy Bailey

(Kingboy x Gabor)

Different sire stack


Hackett Holsteins
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Reg No.



March 8, 2015

Genomic Result

US 04/18 GTPI +2143 / NM $ 319 / PTAT +2.21 [ Details ]


  • Different sire stack: Kingboy x Gabor x Boliver
  • Dam is very stylish and correct
  • Grand dam has several son in AI and her embryos have exported


Morningview Mcc KINGBOY
Hendel Gabor Bailey 3130-ET VG-86-USA 2yr.
2.02 305d 8.849kgM 3.2% 283F 3.2% 283P
Willow-Marsh-CC Gabor-ET
Hendel Bolivr Basil 2659 EX-90
2-00 3x 365d 12.306kgM 4.2% 523F 3.7% 457P
4-09 2x 296d 14.052kgM 4.7% 660F 3.6% 509P
  • Type, Production and a Proven A.I. Family
  • Sons in AI and embryos exported
Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy VG-86-USA DOM
2.07 365d 15.600kgM 3.4% 530F 3.6% 561P

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