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Soureth Georgette 279-Red VG-88-NL EX-91-MS

(Moonlight x Classic)

#1 R&W Production Cow in Holland!


Soureth Holsteins
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Reg No.



May 14, 2009

Production Records

2.01 305d 10.969kgM 3.7% 406F 3.3% 459P
3.00 371d 16.411kgM 3.8% 620F 3.7% 599P
4.02 305d 19.556kgM 3.6% 704F 3.1% 606P
La4 392d 20.248kgM 3.9% 790F 3.5% 709P


89FR 90DS 91MS 85FL / VG-89-NL


  • The #1 R&W Production Cow in Holland! (2015)
  • High VG-2yr. old daughters @ Soureth
  • Dam is the highest production Classic daughter ever!
  • Her dam was 3rd Int. Classic Video Show Heuvelland 2010 (B&W & R&W'S)
  • This family is marked by high components, every time and every generation
  • Same family as DT Gestra VG-86-DE 2yr. #1 Cow of her group in the NOG test herd
  • The Grietje's are performing great in every herd all around the world!


Soureth Gelina 362 VG-87-NL 2yr. (D.O.B. June 2011)
(s. Crackholm SECURE RED)
Soureth Georgette 378 VG-87-NL 2yr. (D.O.B. January 2012)


Georgette 600 VG-86-NL 2yr.
2.02 305d 10.951kgM 4.0% 438F 3.7% 405P
418d 14.049kgM 4.1% 576F 3.8% 534P
3.05 305d 14.051kgM 4.2% 584F 3.6% 502P
495d 19.342kgM 4.2% 822F 3.7% 718P
  • 3rd Intermediate Class Video Show Heuvelland 2010 (B&W and R&W)
  • Probably the highest producing Classic-daughter ever!
SG Giorgina VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.01 305d 9.115kgM 4.1% 377F 3.7% 334P
3.08 305d 10.275kgM 4.3% 439F 3.5% 361P
  • Sons in AI
B-Hiddenhills Mar MARMAX RC
Gorgius VG-86-NL 2yr.
La1 305d 8.681kgM 4.4% 378F 3.6% 309P
La2 305d 10.638kgM 4.4% 463F 3.6% 380P
La3 305d 9.322kgM 5.0% 473F 4.0% 382P
  • Full sister to Emill II

Next Dams

4th Grietje 80 EX-91-NL EX-MS
5th Grietje 79 VG-89-NL

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