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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 09/20

September 2020
1CCC Someone *RCMoovin *RC x Undenied x CommanderWalnutlawn McCutchen Summer23251003.91Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
2SHG 05172Avalanche *RC x King Doc x AtwoodWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto2298983.55SHG-Breeding (DK)
3HODNK005011505454Upgrade x Delight x BeemerEngstad Madleine1907-2223.55Danish Owned
4CCC CamoraSolomon x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-TBR-BH At Corona1983-1753.52Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
5JONES LA BRASSERIE APPLEPIE EWarrior-Red x Regiment-Red x DurhamKHW Regiment Apple-Red2000-1733.44La Brasserie Holsteins (FR) & Jones (UK)
6BWN ARDINA REDMoovin *RC x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalMS Kingstead Chief Adeen2084-533.33BWN Holseins (NL)
7JONES LA BRASSERIE APPLE ETWarrior-Red x Regiment-Red x DurhamKHW Regiment Apple-Red1960-1983.29La Brasserie Holsteins (FR) & Jones (UK)
8GEL 094 CRUSHAB SARAHCrushabull x Commander x McCutchenGel McCutchen 79222851043.27Gel Holstein (ESP)
9Unstop AliceUnstopabull-Red x Jordy-Red x DoormanKWH Regiment Apple-Red2111-853.25J. Van Nevel (BE)
10HODEU001306175622Crushtime x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalHC Archrival Arianne1946-2183.16German Owned
11CCC ShowtimeMoovin *RC x Undenied x CommanderCCC Undenied Sometimes2101-383.11Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
12BWN ARIANNE REDMoovin *RC x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalMS Kingstead Chief Adeen1927-1693.11BWN Holseins (NL)
13ALL.NURE 3437Sidekick x Solomon x AtwoodGalys-Vray23411263.10Al.Be.Ro (IT)
14HODEU001306175610Crushtime x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalHC Archrival Arianne1896-2363.05German Owned
15KNIGHTSTONE SIDEKICK LANZIRINSidekick x High Octane x MogulLandrae22571022.94UK Owned
16HODEU001306175623Crushtime x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalHC Archrival Arianne1869-2652.94German Owned
17DE DORRE THUNDERSTORM LICORICThunder Storm x Drive x Gold ChipRockymountain Talent Licorice1905-1892.91De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
18HBC CRUSHTIME IRENECrushtimeHONLD0009495331661808-2832.91Schep Holsteins (NL)
19A-L-H CRAFTYKing Doc x Outlast x DeltaMs Chassity Snowman Clea26674592.87A-L-H Genetics (NL)
20CCC ZürichSolomon x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-TBR-BH At Corona1947-1892.82Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
21HOESP000308220668Artist2069-612.81ESP Owned
22COSTUREIRO ALTITUDE SUBLIME-EAltitude-Red x Awesome-Red x GoldwynBudjon Goldwyn Subliminal1782-2942.78ESP Owned
23CCC ChiantiSolomon x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-TBR-BH At Corona1915-2152.77Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
24LOGAN CRUSHABULL LAVISHCrushabull x Beemer x DoormanMaineview Damm Doorman Lavish1940-1852.76Logan Holsteins (UK)
25HOITA018990253918Addison *RC x Jordy-Red x Defiant *RCLakeside Ups Abbey1890-2292.76Italian Owned


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