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28 November 2014 Click furhter for the sale update and barn snapshots of some of the animals which are selling in the Vost Select Sale 2. The sale wills tart tonight at 20:00 hour (8:00 PM Local time). If you can't make it to visit the sale, you can follow the sale online and bid & buy online trough the website of    Read More

28 November 2014 Today is the final day of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. The sale will end at 21:00 hour (9:00 PM Dutch Time). 30 embryo combinations are selling including several embryos produced by SEXED semen! Tremendous show opportunitys, high index and the best for R&W, there is something for everytbody!    Read More

27 November 2014 The beautiful Dempsey daughter, KNS Dornroschen recently won the 2-Yr. Old title at the Masterrind Konvent in Oldenburg. Dornroschen is bred by KNS Holsteins from Germany and was sold as a heifer. She is a direct daughter of the very successful brood cow KNS Dorfgirl EX-93-DE.   Read More

27 November 2014 Longmoor Farms recently had a great classification day. 14 new 2-Yr. Olds were classified with at least VG! 7 cows scored Excellent for the very first time while there where 6 more cows scored Excellent for the 2nd time or more!   Read More

26 November 2014 This Friday the Vost Select Sale 2 will take place at the Ostfrieslandhalle, Leer, Germany. The Sale starts at 20:00 hrs (08:00 PM). You can follow the Sale live via Use this website to place your bids online if you cannot attend the Sale. Several Eurogenes members offer their genetics: from high Genomics, top Show, R&W, Polled & more!   Read More

Follow Agromek 2014 live! 25 November 2014

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2Desgranges Lingo LOOK AT ME1604
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4Cotting Mascalese BELIROSE1599
5Jacobs Let It Snow LINDSEY1591
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