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22 July 2016 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale started today! Embryos selling in different price ranges, starting at only € 100,-. High Index (PA-TPI'S close to 2700), Tremendous Show (make your grand dtr to Kalibra EX-97, Apple EX-96 or Arianna EX-93!), RED, there is something for everybody! visit the auction website for the complete catalogue.   Read More

21 July 2016 All.Nure Uno Pepita has recently been pictured and classified with the high score of VG-87 in her 1st lactation in Italy! Pepita was sold during the HM Sale ’12 for € 101.000 as 1st choice to DG (NL) Muri,  Al.Be.Ro (IT), Eclipse (AUS) & Cormdale in Canada. After her birth she came through as the new #1 GTPI Female in Europe and still has > 2500 GTPI what makes her the #2 GTPI Numero Uno daughter in Europe! She has multiple sons in AI including Popstar (GTPI 2604) @ Intermizoo & Plute (GTPI 2459 / RZG 149) @ AI-Total.   Read More

21 July 2016 Some of the top donors in the Glamour & Boghill herd have recently been classified. Among them is Irma EBH with VG-85 2yr. which is dam to DKR Impure, the #1 GTPI Pure dtr World Wide (GTPI 2682) & Ord Impala *PO, one of the highest Polled Heifers in Europe (GTPI 2463). Other highlights were the Cosmopolitan offspring: Glamour Mogul Credit with VG-86 2yr. & Glamour Carlin VG-85 2yr., the dam of Cooper, Trader & Spartus and has daughters close to 2700 GTPI!   Read More

20 July 2016 Hul-Stein has bred one of the highest Chevalier daughters in the breed with Hul-Stein Stranger! She has +164 RZG what makes her the current #1 RZG Chevalier daughter in the breed!! She also scores +353 NVI & GTPI +2548 what makes her the #3 GTPI Chevalier dtr in Europe and one of the highest NVI Heifers in the breed! Her dam was sold through the German Master Sale 2014 edition and is one of the highest Balisto daughters of her age in every test system. Hul-Stein Stranger is from the same family as the top bulls: Galaxy, Goli, Observer, Alta 5G & many others.   Read More

20 July 2016 Barendonk Holsteins, known as one of the best R&W breeders in Europe had an excellent classification day. There were 45 animals in total classified from which 29 R&W heads and 26 B&W’s. The R&W’s were classified with an average score of 85 points, while the B&W cows scored an average of 84.7 points. Highlights of the day were: Barendonk Wilma 334, Wilma 347, Brasilera 15 & Delta Marlot which all scored the high score of VG-88 in their 1st lactation! The average score at the Barendonk farm is now 85.6 points! Click further for details.   Read More

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