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6 avril 2020 We just received some great new pictures of the show and production toppers at Retraitehoeve Holsteins. These cows were all home-bred and guarantee for huge productions in their pedigrees. The Eugenio sister to HERO (+2620 GTPI) @ AI-Total was successful shown at the Asten-Heusden Show a couple weeks ago and looks very promising with averageing 40kgM/day!! This super branch of the Comestar Laurie Sheik family brought also the heavily used bulls: Stormatic, Outside, Lee, Lheros, Lauthority & many others. Furthermore was the dam to Delta Nectar P-Red (#3 R&W NVI sire in the breed at +381 NVI) @ CRV pictured at Barendonk Holsteins. This Laurent *RC daughter: Retraitehoeve Delta Nice is from a VG-86-NL 3yr. Supershot x Twist P followed by the former #1 NVI cow in the Netherlands: Apina Nadja EX-90-NL. Third cow which was also successful shown at the Asten-Heusden Show was another Eugenio daughter: Retraitehoeve Mina 240. This VG-87 2-Yr Old is from a VG-86-NL 2yr. Snow Wave daughter and backed by the home-bred Mina's. Click further for more info about these special young cows.   En Lire Plus

3 avril 2020 An exceptional lot in the 24/7 WEBSHOP! FEMALE Luck-E Absolute AWESOME-RED (#1 UDC sire in the breed at +4.20 UDC) directly from BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. (Nomitad for the Red Impact competition Holstein International). These embryos guarantees you 100% R&W heifer calves!! Avea has multiple sons in A.I. like R DG Adam-Red, R DG Alphaman, R DG Aviator & more! As well she was very successful in the show ring with winning: 1st & Res. 2-Yr. Old Champion Opmeer 2014 (Against B&W) and 1st Jr. Heifer Beilen 2013. Her grand dam is the maternal sister to the 'one million dollar cow' KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM. An unique opportunity to buy FEMALE embryos from this extraordinary cow family!!   En Lire Plus

2 avril 2020 We received some great pictures of the Champions at the Wintershow Pesse, held earlier in March. The Reserve Senior Champion of the Holstein show: Anta recently increased her score to EX-90-NL with EX-91-MS for Veenhuizer Holsteins. Her herdmate Veenhuizer KG Nela was the Res. 2-Yr Old & Udder Champion of the show and scored VG-88-NL La1. with the MAX-score for her udder: VG-89!! Furthermore the Reserve Calf Champion (between B&W's) Twente Dairies D.Back Melanie Red was pictured, she traces back to the Karona Allen Winter EX-94-CAN 2E family and is owned by Bosma Holsteins. Her herdmate Twente Dairies José was 2nd in the 2-Yr Old class & H.M. Best Red of the show. This fresh Savard daughter is close family to the Grand Champion R&W National NRM Show 2019: Twente Dairies Apple Jose 2 EX-92-NL.   En Lire Plus

2 avril 2020 Only a few days and the Online Easter Heifer Sale will be launched. This sale will be held from Friday, 10 April till Friday, 17. April 9:00 p.m. (CEST). This ONLINE Easter sale offers the very best: SHOW heifers, INDEX heifers and many intersting embryo packages. With for example: a +2798 GTPI Riveting daughter close to flush age from the Vir-Clar De Classy VG-88-USA GMD DOM family, a tremendous Chief show heifer from the VG-86-FR VG-88-MS full sister to Hanna-Vray EX-95-CH & Galys-Vray EX-94-CH, Häni's Futur Absolute Redlife EX-94-CH - Grand Champion R&W Swiss Expo 2018 her grand dtr, a classwinner of the Jersey show Swiss Expo '20 & many more!!   En Lire Plus

2 avril 2020 Selling in the 24/7 Eurogenes WEBSHOP are embryos by FEMALE Eclipse MILIO (+4.57 PTAT // +16 Conf.) from Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang EX-95-USA her +3.35 PTAT // +11 Conf. Callen grand daughter Absolute Callen Abrapeng! These embryos guarantee you a huge PA of: +3.96 PTAT & +14 Conf. The full sister to Abrapeng her dam was 1st in her section at the International Holstein Show, World Dairy Expo 2018! Unlimited TYPE possibilities with this great package selling in the 24/7 open market place!!   En Lire Plus

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