18. Oktober 2019 Today at 17:00 (5:00 p.m.) starts one of the most exciting sales in Europe: the 6th editon of the German Masters Sale. For those who can't attend the sale there is an option to follow the sale live and place bids through: www.livedairyauction.com.   Mehr lesen

18. Oktober 2019 The maternal sister by Undenied to Kings-Ransom Canteloupes VG-88-CAN 2yr. sells tonight in the German Masters Sale 2019!! Canteloupes won the Intermediate Champion at the Autumn Opportunity Show, Ontario yesterday!!! This extraordinary cow is a Kingboy daughter of one of the best Mogul daughters in the World: Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage EX-95-USA. This deep cow family traces back to the 2x Queen of the breed: C Glennridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD. It's you turn tonight to buy an incredible sister to Canteloupes!!   Mehr lesen

18. Oktober 2019 The final SALE UPDATE of the German Masters Sale is now ONLINE available!   Mehr lesen

18. Oktober 2019 The Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end! This sale closes TODAY aat6:00 p.m. (CEST) instead of 9:00 p.m. Again huge offers from the very best families around the globe. With FEM. UNIX from the family of the Supreme Champion Swiss Expo '17 & Grand Expo Bulle '18: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH, FEMALE Milio (#3 Type bull: +4.60 PTAT) embryos from a daughter of the Premier Sire WDE '19: DOORMAN out of the extraordinary Wyndford Sanchez Erle EX-93-UK EX-96-MS, FEMALE Unix embryos from the DARLING's, FEMALE Darlingo of Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL, the chance to create a maternal sister to the European Show cow San Goerdy EX-90 and many more herdbuilding packages starting at 150 EUR / embryo.   Mehr lesen

17. Oktober 2019 The Dutch indexes of the heifers selling in the German Master Sale came back. Topper of the R&W indexes is ETG My Dream Sally Red, a My Dream P daughter testing +348 gNVI in combination with +516 INET and +109 Type. The top NVI female of all the tested heifers is lot 101. Van Heek Silly with +398 gNVI in combination with +479 INET and +111 for TYPE!! Click further for all the Dutch indexes of the great heifers selling.   Mehr lesen

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