Click to enlarge - Snapshot Veenhuizer JAMESON dtrs
Excellent run for Veenhuizer K&L JAMESON in Germany!

April 9, 2021 Veenhuizer K&L Jameson also made an excellent turn. The Jetset son, co-bred by Jannes Uineken, is a real calving ease bull with both a high NVI and a high RZG. He transmits on average frames with excellent udders and feet & legs, and scores sky high for longevity and also gives thick components with absolute top udders. Jannes Uineken is the man behind the Neblina line, he was the one who bought her at an auction in Germany. In retrospect, Neblina is the most influential Marathon BW Marshall daughter there has been in Europe. This is an enormous achievement, knowing that at that time all bulls breeding organisations in Europe were running after Marathon BW Marshal daughters. The family is now particularly successful at Tirsvad in Denmark. It is not without reason that the family is nominated in the HI Cow Family election. Continue reading...   Read More

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Convis Online Sale - April 8-9

April 8, 2021 The CONVIS Online-Sale was started today, Thursday, April 8th 2021 at 10:00 A.M. (UTC+2), the entire catalogue, pictures and videos of the sale animals, BIDDING options and more information can be found on www.convis-onlinesale.com. 6 Limousin bulls ready to work as well as 19 Holstein bulls and 11 Holstein cows in milk are offered for sale. Finals are tomorrow Friday, April 9th at 10 AM for Limousin and at 11 AM for Holstein. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Gen GOODLIFE @ Masterrind
Solide proof for Gen GOODLIFE in France!

April 8, 2021 Gen GOODLIFE has a solid proof in France at +211 ISU and +64 INEL. Topping the overall ISU list is Bali son BENDER at +222 ISU with +50 INEL. In second follows Ramses *RC at +221 ISU. The stage is made complete by Pinkfloyd at +217 ISU and +54 INEL. Click further for the complete top ranking ISU bulls.   Read More

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Spanish highlights - April 2021 proof

April 7, 2021 The German bull Gallius came out as the #1 ICO sire in the Spanish system at +5549 ICO. Closely followed by the Dutch bull Delta Bartender at +5488 ICO. At the third spot we find the French bull: Pinkfloyd at +5487 ICO. The number one daughter proven bull is this index run Bo-Irish Crowne at +4705 ICO. In second the former #1 of last run: Boldi V Gymnast at +4675 ICO followed by Pine-Tree Samirah, Pine-Tree Burley, Mr Salvatore *RC and Progenesis Montfort. The topping bull at the daughter proven list with Spanish owned bulls is Gefri Apolo at +4383 ICO (99% rel.) followed by Julius ET (+4281 ICO) and Kiron-ET (+4272 ICO). Click further for the complete Spanish breeding values.   Read More

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Jacuzzi son Delta Endles again the #1 in the Netherlands

April 7, 2021 The Jacuzzi-Red son Delta Endless is again the number 1 NVI genomic sire this April 2021 proof at +390 NVI. In second follows RBB Crowntown at +367 NVI followed by Rioaveso, Delta Wake Up, Delta Powerlift, Theodor, Hul-Stein Shauna P *RC (+351 NVI). Topping the daugher proven Interbull list is VH Bube Bernell at +322 NVI and 259 daughters. At the throne in the R&W genomic sire list is the polled Jacko P son Delta Taskforce P-Red at +366 NVI. In the daughter proven R&W sire list is either again Delta Booking-Red the chart topper at +258 NVI with 145 daughters. Followed by Schreur Apoll-P at +257 NVI and 199 miling daughters. Click further for the complete Dutch rankings.   Read More

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Topshot #2 dtr proven RZG bull B&W and Captain #4 gRZG @ RZG 165

April 7, 2021 A solide April 2021 proof for Cogent Supershot son Topshot at +165 RZG with >6.100 daughters. Topping the daughter proven sire list is Semino (s. Silver) at +159 RZG. Either Supershot son Moonglow follows in second with +157 RZG and >1.800 daughters. The #1 RZG genomic sire is Broeks Freemax son Foreman at +171 RZG!! In second follows Eldorado son Mahomes at +167 RZG. Either in the top five we find the former #1: Captain at +165 RZG (shared 4th spot). Remarkable is the #1 R&W daughter proven bull in Germany: Effektiv (s. Effort) at +145 RZG. The #1 RZG Red & White genomic sire is OH DG Rubels-Red son Flight-Red at +165 RZG. Click further for the complete German rankings.   Read More

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Interesting new sires in the US system

April 6, 2021 The new chart topper in the US system with NAAB-code is Genosource John-ETN breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3162 GTPI. In second follows his full brother Genosource Jack-ETN at +3162 GTPI and Genosource Captain at either +3162 GTPI. The new leader in the daughter proven GTPI list is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard Charl at +3050 GTPI, the first daughter proven bull to break 3000 GTPI!! For ahead in second follows Pine-Tree Burley at +2884 GTPI. Burley is followed by Achiever, Marius, Helix, Battle, King Doc and Medley. The #1 PTAT bull this index run is again Siemers Fitters Choice at +4.29 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2535 GTPI. Followed by Peak Hammer-ET(+4.26 PTAT) and Peak Highliner-ET (+4.21 PTAT). In the top RED CARRIER GTPI sire list we find again Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at the top at +2892 GTPI followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2891 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Rubels-Red sons Ranger-Red (+2897 GTPI) and Rocky-Red (+2841 PTAT). Click further for the complete US-indexes.   Read More

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CHARL: first daughter tested bull in history to go >3000 TPI!!

April 6, 2021 A unique moment in the history of the Holstein breed today with Hurtgenlea Richar CHARL to be the first daughter tested sire ever to break the 3000 GTPI mark, his first 182 daughters in his official proof made him jump no less then 287 TPI points up to GTPI +3050 and $ 911 Net Merit!  The #2 daughter proven sire is Pine-Tree Burley with GTPI +2884, followed by Achiever (GTPI +2875) and Marius (GTPI +2848). Also in the Genomic TPI ranking for young bulls the influance of Charl sons is huge with his son Genosource CAPTAIN on the #1 position in the GTPI ranking with GTPI +3162), with many of his sons keeping a top placing in the mondial GTPI ranking, such as DGF Cash (GTPI +2931), Paul (GTPI +2906), Pikachu and others!   Read More

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Canadian highlights - April 2021 proof

April 6, 2021 The new indexes from Canada came in! The #1 LPI sire is 3star OH Ranger-Red at +3910 PLI, followed by Sandy-Valley R Conway-ET at +3842 LPI. The #1 domestic proven bull is Westcoast Alcove with +3813 LPI in a great combination with +9 Conformation. The Type list is leading by Blondin Legend, Vieuxsaule Success, Brabantdale Alongside and Tappenvale Moment all at +16 Conformation! The #1 R&W Conformation sire is again KCCK AMARETTO-RED at +15 Conf. Click further for the complete Canadian rankings.   Read More

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Captain takes charge in the UK for the third time!

April 6, 2021 Genosource Captain showes again his strength in the United Kingdom and is for the THIRD time! in a row the #1 LPI genomic bull at +963 PLI (+83 LPI) in combination with +1.61 TM. In second follows either again Peak AltaPlinko at +923 PLI and at thrid Peak AltaZazzle at +905 PLI. Gen Pikachu has a great run in the UK wiht +864 PLI at the 9th spot. The #1 TYPE MERIT bull in the UK is the R&W bull Nosbisch Holsteins SOLITO-RED at +2.94 TM. Furthermore the #1 daughter proven PLI bull is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL at +774 PLI. Populair proven bulls as Bomax AltaTopshot, AOT Silver Helix, Westcoast Guarantee, DG Charley, ABS Medley and Bomaz Skywalker remain in the top of the rankings. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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