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ME.Dal Long P Dandy P wins Grand Champion in Metz!

October 23, 2020 The incredible Long P daughter ME.Dal Long P Dandy P alais 'the Captain' has been named as the new Grand Champion & SUPREME Champion at the Agrimax in Metz! First Dandy was crowned as the Senior Champion of the show and later on Grand & SUPREME in Metz!!! Dandy P is sold for 19.000 EUR in the European Masters Sale 2019 during the European show in Libramont to Rising Star Holsteins from Luxembourg and was the next day directly successful for her new owners with winning Intermediate European Champion 2019!! Dandy has already a long victory list created for her new owners with furthermore winning: Grand Champion Luxembourg National Show 2019 and Res. Intermediate Champion German Dairy Show 2019!! Click further to read more.   Read More

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MAX-score for Eliza & Hoine 4 at JK Eder Holsteins!!

October 22, 2020 It was a classification to dream for!! The 2-Yr Old Champion Hoornaar Show 2019: JK Eder DG Eliza and 2nd placed Montana daughter at the Hoornaar Show 2019 both received the MAX-score as a 3-Yr Old in the Netherlands!! Both scored VG-89-NL with VG-89 for their amazing mammary system!! A great achievement, congrats to the Kolff family for breeding these two outstanding cows!! JK Eder DG Byway Eliza is a fantastic Byway daughter backed by the French Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL and has won at multiple national shows. Her herdmate JK Eder Hoine 4 is a Montana daughter from the Peckenstein Luke Kirsten EX-91-USA GMD DOM family and has a interesting Charl daughter with >2700 GTPI. Continue reading...   Read More

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​German Masters Sale 2020, different format, great success!

October 20, 2020 Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the format of the German Masters Sale was different than usual, but the quality of the sale line up was as you can expect from a German Masters Sale.

Most of the sale lots were present at the Auktionshalle of the RUW in Fließem, where visitors had the opportunity to view the sale animals and including a presentation of the sale heifers in the Auktionsring. The rest of the sale took place through internet on the Eurogenes Online Sale platform. Thousands of online visitors created a huge online crowd with a very lively bid activity right from the start of the sale.   Read More

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Lilly PP: sometimes you win the lottery…

October 19, 2020 Where do we start writing this story… Lilly P, the Ladd P daughter was the first calf the Bakker family of Batouwe Holsteins ever bought in a public auction, they brought her home but did not dare to dream all that happened. The breeders got just one heifer calf out of her themselves, who was also named Lilly, but got something extra behind her name.. RED. And yes she was also polled, homozygous Polled. She developed into one of the nicest young cows ever seen at Batouwe Holsteins, so they took her to the show in Hoornaar, where she became Junior Champion Hoornaar. Yes, this cow was the Junior Champion in Hoornaar last year and also claiming the title for best udder in her class. For the people who think Hoornaar is just a regional Show, Hoornaar is quite a bit more than that, it is one the most competitive shows in the Netherlands where some of the best cows in the country make their appearance. How many class winning homozygous Polled cows has the world already seen? Well here is one of the very first.  Coming from the dynasty of the 1 Million dollar cow Lylehaven Lila Z. Lylehave Lila Z is a name almost every pedigree lover in the world has heard of. A family that has won shows at the absolute highest level in Toronto and Madison and a family that brought so many bulls including one of the very best bulls the Holstein breed has to offer today with Delta Lambda. Batouwe Lilly Red reached the age of 4 years last week. 4 years is the minimum age cows have to be to get scored EXCELLENT and she did that as well. Yes, sometimes you win the lottery…

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WILT Emilio daughters do what they promised: WINNING

October 19, 2020 Around the globe, we see more and more daughters from Wilt Emilio daughters doing extraordinary well at the shows. They perform at the highest level possible. Petitclerc Emilio Adene won the Milking Yearling class at the North American Open Holstein Show. Wilt Emilio is bred by Eurogenes member Gaec Wilt. Wilt Emilio is now the world’s number 1 PTAT Daughter Proven bull with +3.36 PTAT. As far as we can recall the first time in history a European bred bull achieves this great achievement. A huge congratulations fort he Breeder Gaec Wilt for accomplishing this unbelievable success. The dam of Wilt Emilio is the world-famous Mars Yorick daughter Wilt Emy EX-95-FR who was successful at multiple shows including the Swiss Expo in 2016 and 2017. Wilt Emy goes back to one of the most dominant show families the world has ever met the Krull Broker Elegance EX-95 cow family. The family that has won more Produce of Dam Titels in Madison than any other cow family in the last 20 years. The Wilt Emilio/Wilt Emy EX-95 is a book that keeps getting more and more impressive and is far from done. Continue reading....

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COUNTDOWN German Master Sale!!

October 18, 2020 The German Masters Sale ONLINE TAG+ Sale COUNTDOWN!! This great sale will finish today, 18. October, at 02:00 PM (German Time). Take adventage and bid last on the incredible lots selling!! Bidding through: GERMANMASTERSSALE.COM   Read More

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(VIDEO) German Masters Sale: APPLE her Warrior-Red dtr sells!!

October 17, 2020 Lot 7 in the German Masters Sale: Jones La Brasserie Apple-Red. One of the final chances to buy a direct daughter at +3.29 PTAT / +16 Conformation of the 'one million dollar' cow KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM. Click further for the video.   Read More

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LIVE STREAM Presentation of the German Masters Sale heifers

October 16, 2020 STREAM STARTS APPROXIMATELY at 19:30 / 07:30 PM (German time)   Read More

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October 16, 2020 The final SALE UPDATE of the German Masters Sale is now ONLINE available!! This SALE UPDATE also includes the start prices and buy now prices of the great lots selling in the German Masters Sale ONLINE TAG+ Sale. More info can be requested through the sale organisation.   Read More

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Second part SNAPSHOTS heifers & cows selling @ GMS!

October 15, 2020 Only one day until the German Masters Sale ONLINE TAG+ Sale which will start on Friday, October the 16th 2020 (Fließem, Germany - online through www.germanmasterssale.com) - the quality in this year's sale is incredible! Here the  2nd part of snapshot pictures available of the sale heifers! Click further for the pictures and videos.   Read More

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