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Successful Hoornaar Show for Eurogenes members

September 29, 2022 Bons-Holsteins, JK Eder Holsteins and Batouwe Holsteins impressed at the Junior Show in Hoornaar last week! Batouwe Holsteins participated with Red & White's at the Show and took home the R&W Reserve Senior Champion title and Senior R&W Udder Champion title for Batouwe Ks Lilly Red PP EX-90-NL. Two daughters, sired by Doorman and Solomon out of the amazing showcow: Bons-Holsteins Koba 191 EX-94-NL EX-95-MS became Intermediate Champion + Grand Champion and Res. Intermediate Champion + Udder Champion. Multiple show winner Bons-Holsteins Koba 219 EX-94-NL EX-95-MS became Senior Champion and Udder Champion. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Galys-Vray EX-94-CH her offspring at Dueholm

September 27, 2022 Galys-Vray EX-94-CH her amazing daughter: Mattenhof Solomon Ghardaia, moves from Mattenhof Holsteins to Dueholm Breeding and ARGH Holsteins! She is a silky black Solomon daughter, classified with EX-90-CH with EX-90 Mammary System. She is straight out of Galys-Vray EX-94-CH. Galys-Vray EX-94 is one of the most impressive showcows of the last decade, she won multiple titels, like: Grand Champion European Show Colmar '16, Grand Champion Swiss Expo '16, Grand Champion Expo Bulle '15 & '16, Res. Grand Champion Swiss Expo '15 and Jr. Milking Champion Swiss Expo '14. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Heifer of the day: ALLEYOOP from LIZABETH EX-96

September 27, 2022 HEIFER OF THE DAY: Lot 15. New Moore TP Lilith
Fancy and early Brabantdale ALLEYOOP straight out the 2x Grand Champion Northumberland Show: LIZABETH EX-96!!
Going back on the 3x Grand Royal Winter Fair and SUPREME WDE: Acme Star Lily EX-94-USA 8*. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Toppers at Broeklander Holsteins are stealing the show!

September 27, 2022 Broeklander Holsteins had a few weeks ago an amazing show for in the books at the show in Oldebroek! JK Eder Evalyn 1 VG-89-NL La2. became 1st in her class with Intermediate cows and won the ribbon for Best Udder. In that same class became Broeklander Medley Queen VG-88-NL VG-88-MS La2. second and Res. Intermediate Champion. Later that day became Evalyn 1 Udder Champion, Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion. JK Eder Evalyn 1 is recently classified with VG-89-NL with VG-89 for her Mammary System in her second lactation. This Medley daughter is sold during the JK Eder Christmas Sale 2020 to Broeklander Holsteins and HiPo genetics. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Big success for Wilt Bailay at the UK Dairy Day 2022

September 26, 2022 A few weeks ago was it showtime for Wilt Bailay! The 4yrs. old Eagel *RC daughter was in topshape and became 1st in her class with 4yr. olds. Later that day she was named as Reserve Grand Champion behind the Grand Champion Styche Armour Hilgonda EX-95-UK EX-95-MS. The title H.M Grand Champion was for 5Guys Blexy Black Raptor VG-88-UK VG-87-MS 2yr. Wilt Bailay is classified with VG-89-UK with VG-89 for her Mammary System in her second lactation, bred by Ferme Wilt and sold to Blythbridge Holsteins (UK). Her dam is Wilt Brasilia VG-89-LUX EX-92-MS, she is a Jacot daughter and goes back on the Suez daughter Bunte EX-94-DE - National Senior Champion DHV Schau 2003 and All-German 2008 for Mox Holsteins. Click further for more info.   Read More

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German Masters Sale HEIFER OF THE DAY!

September 26, 2022 HEIFER OF THE DAY: Lot 04. RZN Picasso Tally P Red
GOLDEN opportunity to buy a POLLED R&W grand daughter from the 2x Grand Champion R&W World Dairy Expo and 6x All-American nominee: Strans-Jen-D-Tequila-Red EX-96-USA!! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Amazing classification with average VG-87,3 @ Giessen Holsteins!

September 26, 2022 Last week the classifier visit Giessen Holsteins, Theo van Vliet, and scored many impressive 2yr. olds which resulted in an average of VG-87,1 at the 2yr. old black & whites and VG-87,5 at the 2yr. old red & whites. These 2yr. olds are sired by: Durango, Rubicon, Pepper, Upgrade, Jordy-Red, Sidekick, Beemer and King Doc. With this new scored 2yr. olds the herd average is now VG-87,8 which makes Giessen Holsteins belong to the top of the stage in the Netherlands. All 2yr olds were backed by the famous Cinderella's, Charity's, Gorgeous', Barbies, Ashlyn's and Joses! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Looking for extra milk in the tank?

September 24, 2022 At the Online Holland Masters Sale '22 sells two stunning, FRESH and promising 2yr. olds. One of them is Lot 7. Batouwe Mvn Bella-Red VG-86-NL 2yr. She is an early Moovin *RC daughter straight out of All-Star Jotan Bella EX-92-DE EX-94-MS! Her current day production is >28kgM and she is last week classified with VG-86-NL 2yr. She is in tremendous shape and ready for the show season! Another stunning 2yr. old is Lot 8. De Volmer DG Rosanna *RC VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. She is fresh since August the 4th, 2022 and produced at the moment more than >35kgM! Her maternal sister is the dam to the #2 gNVI B&W sire: DV DG Rammstein-Red! Rosanna *RC VG-86-NL 2yr. her dam is Lakeside Ups Rosylane VG-86-NL. She is the maternal sister to the Red Impact Cow '21: Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86-NL 2yr. She is dam to the #1 GTPI R&W sire: Ranger-Red. Click further for more info.   Read More

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DG Space, the sire to go next level!

September 23, 2022 Diamond Genetics has bred a new topper with: DG Space! He offers you the highest possible combination of NVI and GTPI! With +3082 GTPI and +367 gNVI he offers you the very highest level possible. In both indexes he shows the same profile.. huge components and no mistakes! He scores in his Dutch index: +1042kg Milk with +0,65% Fat and +0,31% protein, +100 F&L, +104 UDC and +103 for TYPE! She scores also +114 Cell Count, +94 Milking Speed and +109 Sire Calving Ease. Click further for more info.   Read More

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German Masters Sale 2022 >> CATALOGUE ONLINE!

September 23, 2022 A not to miss event for any breeder in Europe: the 9th GERMAN MASTERS SALE 2022 which will take place on Friday, the 21. of October 2022, this year again as LIVE AUCTION in the RUW Auktionshalle in Fließem, Germany, only 5 minutes from Bitburg. The catalogue is NOW ONLINE on the German Masters Sale website, where you can also order your FREE catalogue by post! Click further for more information.    Read More

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