A Swiss Expo to keep in mind for Schönhof Holstein!

It's was an unbelievable Swiss Expo 2020 for Schönhof Holstein. They participated at the Holstein and Jersey show with some great heifers and cows. The Grand & SUPREME Champion Austrian National Show '18: Schönhof Sid Mailand EX-94-AT EX-96-MS went 3rd in the second oldest Senior cow class and best Bred & Owned. Her herdmate Schönhof Colton Jessica was also best Bred & Owned and 1st at Junior Jersey Show.

Overall results Swiss Expo Schönhof Holstein:
1st & best Bred & Owned Schönhof Colton Jessica
3rd & best Bred & Owned Schönhof Sid Mailand
5th Schönhof Megashock
6th Schönhof Dempsey Smiley

Schönhof Sid Mailand EX-94-AT EX-96-MS - 3rd & best Bred & Owned class 22
(s. Sid x Goldwyn)

Schönhof Megashock - 5th place class 19
(s. Aftershock x Sid)

Schönhof Colton Jessica - ​1st & best Bred & Owned class 5
(s. Colton x Lenz)

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Schönhof Holstein
Schönhofweg 2
Maishofen, Austria
Phone: +43 6769712913
Email: rupert.wenger@gmail.com

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