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ALH Hokovit Sunshine *RC VG-88-CH

(Lion King x Shottle)

Sister to Laron P!


Hokovit Genetics
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Reg No.



June 26, 2010

Production Records

2.01 305d 9.287kgM 4.2% 390F 3.3% 306P
3.04 305d 11.919kgM 4.9% 584F 3.2% 381P
4.09 351d 11.112kgM 4.1% 460F 3.3% 364P
5.11 305d 10.534kgM 4.5% 478F 3.4% 354P


VG-88-CH VG-89-MS


  • Maternal sister to Laron P, the popular R&W bull in Germany
  • Dam is maternal sister to Gen-I-Beq Secret VG-87 2yr who is dam to Secure-Red & Mr Savage!!
  • Gen-I-Beq Secret VG-87-CAN 2yr. sold for $160,000
  • Grand dam is grand dam to Gen-I-Beq Season VG-87 2yr. who sold for $104,00
  • Grand dam is dam to Gen-I-Beq Seagual @ Semex
  • The fantastic Splendor family which produced bulls like September Storm, Salto, Sahara & more
  • Same family as Shaquile, Secure & Mr Savage


Hokovit Destined Sunset-Red GP-CH 2yr. (D.O.B. December 2012)
CH 04/15 ISET 1349


Deslacs Shottle Shiney RC VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.03 305d 9.248kgM 4.3% 401F 3.6% 330P
  • Dam to the popular German bull Laron P!
  • Maternal sister to Gen-I-Beq Secret VG-87 2yr. who is dam to Secure & Mr Savage!
  • Her maternal sister sold for $160,000
Gen-I-Beq Durham Sherry VG-87-CAN 7*
2.05 365d 13.705kgM 4.0% 551F 3.4% 463P
5.02 365d 18.160kgM 3.9% 714F 3.2% 575P
  • Full sister to Durham Sunshine
Regancrest Elton DURHAM
Glen Drummond Splendor VG-86-2YR-CAN 38*
2.01 348d 10.569kgM 4.1% 437F 3.3% 348P
4.10 314d 12.025kgM 4.2% 510F 3.2% 381P
  • 36 STAR brood cow
  • The one and only SPLENDOR!

Next Dams

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5th Glen Drummond Shower EX-CAN 14*
6th Glen Drummond S C Jo Beth EX-CAN 2E 7*
7th Glen Drummond Matt Beth VG-85-CAN 4*
8th Glen Drummond Marquis Beth VG-CAN
9th Ferglynn Rag Apple Bertha VG-CAN 3*

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