Captain son DG Space, the #4 GTPI genomic bull in the US!

He ranks over the +3200 GTPI as Genomic bull with NAAB-code & >12 months of age: Stgen Cowen Thorson noting +3228 GTPI! Second in the GTPI genomic list is Genosource Brockington at +3198 GTPI and making the stage complete with +3185 GTPI is Genosource Executive. Genosource Captain son DG Space @Ai-Total is debuting as the #4 GTPI genomic bull this index run at +3166 GTPI! He has an amazing profile with +1123NM$, >1200kgM, +0.09% Protein, +1.6 DPR, +2.71 SCS, 1.2% SCE, +3166 GTPI in rare combination with +1.58 PTAT, medium sized cows with wide rumps! Also in the Top 25 we find another Captain son at +3114 GTPI: Gen Percival @Ai-Total. This Captain son is straight out of COL DG Peggy and tracing back to Norgard XY-Ting Bookem Camil VG-85-DE. Percival scores in his US-index >2100kgM with +1016 NM$ and +1.46 PTAT.

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