Captain takes charge in the UK for the third time!

Genosource Captain showes again his strength in the United Kingdom and is for the THIRD time! in a row the #1 LPI genomic bull at +963 PLI (+83 LPI) in combination with +1.61 TM. In second follows either again Peak AltaPlinko at +923 PLI and at thrid Peak AltaZazzle at +905 PLI. Gen Pikachu has a great run in the UK wiht +864 PLI at the 9th spot. The #1 TYPE MERIT bull in the UK is the R&W bull Nosbisch Holsteins SOLITO-RED at +2.94 TM. Furthermore the #1 daughter proven PLI bull is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL at +774 PLI. Populair proven bulls as Bomax AltaTopshot, AOT Silver Helix, Westcoast Guarantee, DG Charley, ABS Medley and Bomaz Skywalker remain in the top of the rankings. Click further for the complete rankings.


Top index bulls in the United Kingdom:


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To contact Nosbisch Holsteins, click here or use the following contact information.

Nosbisch Holsteins
Niederweis, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)1714368388
Web Site: http://www.nosbischholsteins.de
Email: nici_nosbisch@web.de

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