DG Peace & DG Space the #3 & #4 PLI bulls in the UK!

A new leader in the PLI Young Genomic Bulls list! Leading this list is Wilra S-S-I Faneca Ebersol at +1046 PLI. On the second spot we find the former #1 PLI Young Genomic Bull: Genosource Captain at +1014 PLI. His son is following him at the third spot: DG Space @Ai-Total at +965 PLI! He is a Captain son straight out of De Volmer DG Sika! On the fourth spot we find another Captain son out of Peaẞens Jezebel VG-86-NL 2yr.: DG Peace @Ai-Total at +962 PLI. The #1 PLI daughter proven sire is Pine-Tree CW Legacy at +734 PLI, followed by Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL at +730 PLI. Making the Top 3 complete with DG Neal at +728 PLI. The #1 TYPE MERIT is Bomaz Rimrock at +2.89 TM, followed by Aprilday McDonald P Red at +2.69 TM. Furthermore we find at spot #11 OH DG Agro-Red at +2.50 TM. At spot #21 we find DG OH Rubels-Red at +2.33 TM and at spot #23 EBA Davinci @Ai-Total at +2.27 TM. 


Top index bulls in the United Kingdom:


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