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DGF Fairytale P *RC

(Mirand PP *RC x King Doc x Monterey)

#17 PTAT female in the March 2021 intermediate run!


Drakkar Holsteins / DG France
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Reg No.



December 12, 2020

Genomic Result

US 08/21 GTPI +2502 / NM $ 315 / PTAT +3.43 [ Details ]
CA 03/21 GLPI +3243 / Conf. +15


  • The #17 PTAT female in the March 2021 intermediate run at +3.21 PTAT!
  • One of the very few POLLED & *RC heifers in Europe with >3.20 PTAT & +2493 GTPI (03/21)
  • Great Canadian index as well: +15 Conf. / +14 Mammary System / +11 Feet & Legs (03/21)
  • Full sister to DGF Djolien P - the #3 PTAT in the January 2021 int. run at +3.52 PTAT
  • Dam is one of the very few in the breed combining >1600 milk with >3.5 PTAT!! (12/20)
  • 5th dam was topseller NH Sale '10 for €42.000
  • Ralma Christmas Fudge was Global Cow of the Year 2011!


NH Doc Fun
  • #2 PTAT Cow >2 years in Europe at +3.59 PTAT (04/21)
  • Also a great combination with >2695 GTPI & +436 NM$ (04/21)
Monterey Faithfun VG-86-DE 2yr.
La1 173d 5.772kgM 4.0% 228F 3.5% 199P
  • Due Spring '19 and looks great!
  • King Doc son sold to ASCOL with great type and complete profile
  • Full sister scored already VG-88-FR 2yr.
NH Oak Faithlove VG-87-FR 2yr.
La1 305d 10.983kgM 4.9% 534F 3.8% 421P
  • Different pedigree: Oak x Windbrook
  • Great source for type combined with good fintess and production!

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8th Ralma Christmas Fudge-ET VG-88-USA GMD DOM
9th Ralma Juror Faith EX-91-USA GMD DOM
10th Ralma Leadman Fashion VEEVV VG-89-USA
11th Ralma Melwood Fortress
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13th Ralma Nugget Goldie VG-86-USA GMD DOM
14th Yendora Jaque Pioneer EX-90-USA GMD

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