DURABLE the new chart topper in Germany!

Today it's INDEX DAY and starts with the RZG index! Durable is the NEW chart topper in the interbull genomic list this December run. This DG Charley son notes +167 RZG. The second place is for Expension a Guarantee son with +166 RZG. Together in the second position is Soundcloud with +166 RZG. The fourth in the row is Grateful, also a Guarantee son with +165 RZG. 

In the interbull daughter proven list is Mayflower still the #1 RZG bull with +155 RZG and 8841 daughters in production. Balisto holds his second place with +154 RZG and 13375 daughters in production.

In the domestic list, which mean at least 500 daughters in production in Germany, is Masato the new #1 RZG with +146 RZG. Followed by Mandela who holds the second position with +145 RZG. 

At the R&W interbull genomic list leads Caudumer Solitar P the list. This polled Salvatore son notes + 165 RZG. The second place is this run for Andy-Red with +159 RZG. This Alreli son also has +154 RZM. The third in the R&W list is Spark-Red with +159 RZG. Spark Red is bred through the Genesland program and is a Salvatore x Debutant out of the Splendor Family! Solution again a Salvatore son follows Spark in the list with +157 RZG. The last in the top 5 is Dreamer a Dreamboy son with +157 RZG.

In the daughter proven list R&W is Pat-Red still the number 1 with +152 RZG. Second is the good old polled Schreur Apoll P with +144 RZG.

The list with at least 500 milking daughters in Germany is now leading by Apoll P with 763 daughters. Followed by the former #1 Snake Red with +138 RZG and 2620 daughters in production. The third place is for Red Mist with +134 RZG. The well-known Julandy shares the third place with Red Mist with +134 RZG and 2829 milking daughters in Germany.

Check out al the results below:

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