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J.Poststraat 38
7918 AC Nieuwlande, Netherlands







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Giessen Charity 138 VG-89-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. (MAX)
(Atwood x Million x Goldwyn)
2yr. Old Champion HHH-Show 2018 & NRM Show 2019!!
Giessen Charity 37 EX-91-NL EX-93-MS
(Million x Goldwyn x Champion)
Res. Senior Champion Wanneperveen 2018


Giessen Cinderella 79 EX-91-NL EX-94-MS
(Atwood x Duplex x Shottle )
Senior Champion HHH-Show 2018!


Giessen Cecibell 8 EX-91-NL
(Pitbull *RC x Ladd-P-Red x September Storm)
Int. Champion R&W NRM-Show 2019
Giessen Cecibell 10 VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. @ HHH-Show 2019
(Durango *RC x Pitbull *RC x Ladd-P-Red)
2-Yr Old Champion R&W HHH-Show 2019


Hilltop Atwood Maxima VG-89-BE 2yr. (MAX) - 2-Yr Old Champion Agro Expo 2020
(Atwood x Tonka x Fever)
2-Yr Old Champion Agro Expo 2020
Giessen Debby 101 VG-89-NL 2yr.
(Goldwyn x Damion x Talent *RC)
Res. Jr. Champion Nat. HHH Show 2012
Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL EX-93-MS
(Goldwyn x Dundee x Outside)
2nd at the Nat. HHH Show 2012

Welcome at Giessen Holsteins Giessen Holsteins is owned by Theo van Vliet and established in the east of the Netherlands in Nieuwlande. Giessen Holsteins has a big variety with members from the best cow families worldwide like that of Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95, Brookview Tony Charity EX-97, Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97, Cloverlands Skylar Cherry Red VG-87-CAN and more! Giessen Holsteins always has embryos, bulls and livestock available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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