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7918 AC Nieuwlande, Netherlands







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Giessen Charity 253 VG-89-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. (MAX)
(Moovin *RC x Atwood x Million)
2yr. Old Champion B&W National HHH-Show '22
Giessen Charity 138 VG-89-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. (MAX)
(Atwood x Million x Goldwyn)
2yr. Old Champion HHH-Show 2018 & NRM Show 2019!!
Giessen Charity 37 EX-91-NL EX-93-MS
(Million x Goldwyn x Champion)
Res. Senior Champion Wanneperveen 2018


Giessen Cinderella 79 EX-91-NL EX-94-MS
(Atwood x Duplex x Shottle )
Senior Champion HHH-Show 2018!


Giessen Cecibell 8 EX-91-NL
(Pitbull *RC x Ladd-P-Red x September Storm)
Int. Champion R&W NRM-Show 2019
Giessen Cecibell 10 EX-90-NL EX-91-MS 4yr. @ HHH-Show 2019
(Durango *RC x Pitbull *RC x Ladd-P-Red)
2-Yr Old Champion R&W HHH-Show 2019
Giessen Cecibell 17-Red
(Moovin *RC x Jord-Red x Durango *RC)
She is the #18 R&W PTAT female in Europe at +3.46 PTAT - August 2022
Giessen Cecibell 10 VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. @ HHH-Show 2019
(Moovin *RC x Jord-Red x Durango *RC)
She is a real TYPE sensation. She is the #9 PTAT heifer in Europe at +3.72 PTAT (08/23)


Hilltop Atwood Maxima VG-89-BE 2yr. (MAX). Reserve Intermediate Champion Wintershow Pesse 2022
(Atwood x Tonka x Fever)
2-Yr Old Champion Agro Expo 2020
Giessen Debby 101 VG-89-NL 2yr.
(Goldwyn x Damion x Talent *RC)
Res. Jr. Champion Nat. HHH Show 2012
Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL EX-93-MS
(Goldwyn x Dundee x Outside)
2nd at the Nat. HHH Show 2012
Donor. Giessen Panini 2
(Jordy-Red x Goldwyn)
RED CARRIER dtr of Panini EX-95!!
Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL EX-93-MS
(Moovin *RC x Hotline x Charityman)
AMAZING TYPE! She is the #11 PTAT Heifer (>9 Months) at +3.82 PTAT (08/22)

Welcome at Giessen Holsteins Giessen Holsteins is owned by Theo van Vliet and established in the east of the Netherlands in Nieuwlande. Giessen Holsteins has a big variety with members from the best cow families worldwide like that of Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95, Brookview Tony Charity EX-97, Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97, Cloverlands Skylar Cherry Red VG-87-CAN and more! Giessen Holsteins always has embryos, bulls and livestock available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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