GLOBAL superstar, index & brood cow FRESH!!

The GLOBAL superstar, huge brood cow and top index cow EBA Netty is FRESH with her first calf @ GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins, France!! She scored the huge score of VG-87-FR 2yr. and averages 37,3kgM / day after 222 days in lactation!! Her AltaDateline daughter EBA Playa is one of the very few heifers in the breed with >3600 LPI and >15 Conf. As well she guarantees for +2710 GTPI & +2.88 PTAT with either the beta-casein A2A2. What her makes more unique is that she is the #1 PTAT and either #1 Conformation AltaDatline daughter in the WORLD. She sells as lot 8 in the Vente La Brasserie Holstein August 21. This outstanding transmitting French cow family also delivered EBA Norton (s. Hotline) (+2714 GTPI // +2.58 PTAT) @ Ascol and EBA News (+2.65 PTAT) @ Genes Diffusion and maintains 9 generations VG- or EXCELLENT dams.

Lot 8 in the La Brasserie sale: EBA Playa (PEDIGREE)
US 04/20 GTPI +2710 / NM $ 490 / PTAT +2.88
CA 04/20 GLPI +3632 / Conf. +15

Dam: EBA Netty VG-87-FR 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
US 04/20 GTPI +2674 / NM $ 504 / PTAT +2.52
Dukefarm SILLIAN x EBA Liza VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy) x EBA Heazy VG-88-FR (s. Mogul) x 6 gen. VG- or EX-dams

Maternal brother: EBA News (+2.65 PTAT) @ Genes Diffusion

Grand dam: EBA Heazy VG-88-FR

La Brasserie Holstein Sale (CLICK HERE for the Online Catalogue)
August 21, 2020
Plomelin, France

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GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins
La Gruginiere
Saint Jean De La Motte, France
Phone: +33 (0) 684363861
Email: jc-brilland@wanadoo.fr

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