Goldina extends again her victory list!

KWH Goldina-Red VG-89-DK EX-MS has extended her victory list with winning the Grand Champion Regional Show Aulum (against B&W's). This made her 3rd Grand Champion title this year complete and still undefated! Goldina-Red won this year also Grand Champion R&W Danish National Show and is a unique R&W Mogul daughter. She traces back to the deep Canadian cow family of Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88-CAN 3yr. At the Regional Show in Aulum they also presented the lovely Dempsey heifer Lohman Dempsey Rose. She made it as best B&W heifer of the show. Rose is purchased through the German Masters Sale 2018.

Mogul x Lis Golda EX-90 (s. Braxton) x Morsan Pronto Fools Gold Red VG-85 (s. Pronto) x Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88

  • Grand Champion Regional Show Aulum 2019

Lohmann Dempsey Rose (PEDIGREE)
Dempsey x EPH Rolls Rose VG-86 (s. Durham) x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-92 (s. Roy) x 13 EX-dams!!!

  • Best B&W heifer Regional Show Aulum 2019

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