Goya and Barbajolie GRAND Champion at Expo Bulle '23

Last weekend was the greatest shows in Switzerland, the Expo Bulle 2023! The morning starts with the Red&White 2yr. olds, judge Yan Jacobs, named Künzi's Power Alina as 2yr. old CHAMPION! The Power-Red daughter became in the youngest class with R&W 2yr. olds 1st in her class. The R&W Reserve 2yr. old Champion title was for Güdel's Agent Wedding. After the R&W 2yr. old Championship entered the B&W 2yr. olds the showring. Yan Jacobs named S Bro Crushabull Eliz Champion 2yr. old at the Black&Whites. She is a Crushabull daughter straight out of GS Alliance Atwood Elina EX-93-CH! In the afternoon entered the R&W cows the showring, wereby Ptit Coeur Power Barbajolie won class 8, followed by the Udder Champion title and became R&W National Champion! At the B&W cows became O'Kaliber daughter Goya 1st in Class 12, followed by the Udder Champion title and the B&W National Champion title.

Photo credits: Guillaume Moy Photographies ©

R&W 2yr. old Champion: Künzi's Power Alina

R&W 2yr. old Reserve Champion: Güdel's Agent Wedding

R&W Champion: Ptit Coeur Power Barbajolie


R&W Reserve Champion: Delary HF Daniel Lilitop


H.M. R&W Champion: Schrago Power Attika


B&W 2yr. old Champion: S Bro Crushabull Eliz


B&W Reserve 2yr. old Champion: Azura (s. Helix)


B&W Champion: Goya (s. O'Kaliber)


B&W Reserve Champion: Clos Du Praz Chief France


H.M. B&W Champion: Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit

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