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Grange-Neuve Bestboy Rubine VG-88-CH VG-89-MS La2

(Bestboy x Fever x Bolton)

Promising B&W Swiss show cow!!


Dueholm Breeding I/S
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Reg No.



August 18, 2015

Production Records

2.05 305d 9.641kgM 3.2% 305F 3.1% 299P
3.06 92d 3.795kgM 3.08%F 2.94%P


VG-88-CH VG-89-MS La2


  • Promising VG-88-CH VG-89-MS La2 Black & White 2nd calver!!
  • Top scored 2nd calver in Switzerland // in top rankings Holstein Switzerland
  • Great sire stack: Bestboy x VG-88 Fever x EX-91 Bolton x VG-86 Goldwyn
  • Deep Swiss cow family from origin!!
  • From the well-known Grange-Neuve Holstein herd, Switzerland!


Grange-Neuve Fever Ontario VG-89-CH EX-91-MS
2.04 286d 8.293kgM 3.4% 280F 3.2% 264P
4.02 305d 11.085kgM 3.3% 368F 3.1% 345P
5.02 305d 11.224kgM 3.1% 352F 3.1% 343P
Crackholm FEVER
Grange-Neuve Bolton Isabelle EX-91-CH 2E
2.06 305d 10.598kgM 3.5% 372F 3.2% 335P
4.00 305d 11.341kgM 3.2% 363F 3.2% 362P
5.01 295d 11.194kgM 3.1% 350F 3.1% 344P
Sandy-Valley BOLTON
Grange-Neuve Goldwyn Gina VG-86-CH La2
2.01 305d 8.235kgM 3.6% 295F 3.3% 270P
3.05 305d 10.040kgM 3.8% 377F 3.4% 342P

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