Great embryo result for Hullcrest Holsteins

She belongs to one of the great embryo results of Hullcrest Holsteins: Alice-Red! She is an Unstopabull-Red daughter straight out the former #1 PTAT Red Carrier who sold in the German Masters Sale 2019 to Belgium: LB Alice *RC. This great R&W show heifer won the Junior Champion ribbons at the Beveren Show last weekend! Congratulations to her owner Jeroen van Nevel from Belgium with this great success!

Photo credits: Laurens Rutten, Beth Herges, John Erbsen ©

Unstopabull-Red x LB Alice *RC (s. Jordy-Red) x MS Apple Andorra *RC EX-91-USA x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM

  • Junior Champion Beveren Show 2021
  • Owned by: J. van Nevel (BE)

Dam: LB Alice *RC

  • Former #1 Red Carrier PTAT female in Europe
  • Sold through the German Masters Sale 2019

Grand dam: MS Apple Andorra *RC EX-91-USA


Great-grand dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM

4-01 2x 365d 16.216kgM 4.7% 763F 3.7% 596P
7-00 2x 365d 15.096kgM 5.0% 750F 3.6% 540P
9-01 2x 365d 16.670kgM 4.3% 718F 3.5% 581P
10-11 2x 365d 14.415kgM 4.5% 653F 3.5% 509P
2898d 109.153kgM 4.7% 5.168F 3.7% 4.088P

  • The One Million Dollar Cow
  • Reserve Grand Champion International R&W Show, World Dairy Expo 2013
  • Grand Champion International R&W Show, World Dairy Expo 2011
  • All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011
  • Reserve All-American R&W Junior Three Year Old, 2016


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Hullcrest Holsteins
De Hullen 15
Drijber, Netherlands
9419 TH
Phone: +31 (0)6 57311164
Email: gerrit73@hotmail.nl

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