Great embryo result: stunning Chief dtr. classified with VG-87

We received an amazing picture from an Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale result: J.S.B. Bente!! This stunning Chief daughter is fresh and classified with VG-87-NL 2yr. with VG-89 for her amazing Mammary System. Her dam is Chops daughter DG OH Leona, she was the former #2 PTAT Chops daughter in Europa. J.S.B. Bente her grand dam is Golden-Oaks D Lovesong GP-83-USA 2yr., a Doorman daughter and dam to DG Lambada @ Ascol. 4th dam is Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA from the Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda EX-92-USA GMD DOM Cow family. J.S.B. Bente is owned by JSB Holsteins and is being prepared for a show in September.

Photo credits: JSB Holsteins, Kathy DeBruin©

J.S.B. Bente VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr.
Chief x DG OH Leona (s. Chops) x Golden-Oaks D Lovesong GP-83-USA 2yr. (s. Doorman) x Wittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA (s. Atwood)

  • Sold during the Eurogenes Online Embryo sale through JSB Holsteins

Her daugher: J.S.B. Bente 2
Admiral x J.S.B. Bente VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. (s. Chief) x DG OH Leona (s. Chops)

3rd dam: Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA
Atwood x Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94-USA 2E (s. Shottle) x Petinesca-I Durham Ladina VG-89-CAN 4yr. 2*

  • Former #7 TYPE cow in the breed!
  • From the Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda Cow Family!
  • Maternal sister by Mac sold for $88,000
  • Daughters by Mcgucci, Armani & Solomon testing >3.0 PTAT (04/19)
  • Her grand dam is full sister to to the All-American winner Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92-USA

Same family: Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-USA
Allen x Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92-USA (s. Durham) x Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda EX-92-USA GMD DOM

  • HM All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old
  • Nominated All-American and All Canadian 5-Year-Old
  • 2nd place 125,000lb. cow at the International Holstein Show
  • Grand Champion of the Eastern Fall National
  • Supreme Champion at the Maryland State Fair

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