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Idée LB Lucia

(Denver x Goldwyn x Louie)

She is the maternal sister to Idée Windbrook Lynzi EX-95-CAN


La Brasserie Holstein
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December 1, 2021


  • Unique heifer! She is a Denver daughter straight out of Idee Goldwyn Lucia EX-92-CAN
  • Goldwyn Lucia EX-92 is the dam to multiple showwinner Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95-CAN 3E
  • She has an amazing pedigree: Denver x EX-92 Goldwyn x EX-94 Louie
  • Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95 was Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2019, Res. Grand Champion
  • National Holstein Show Canada 2021, Honerable Mention Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2017,
  • All-Canadian 5yr. old 2019, Honerable Mention Grand Champion Quebec Spring 2019 and much more!
  • She is from the same family as Idee Doorman Lysa VG-88-USA! - Grand Champion Expo Rimousk 2019


Idee Goldwyn Lucia EX-92-CAN 5YR
2-02 2x 359d 11.713kgM 4.5% 527F 3.4% 399P
3-05 2x 365d 15.563kgM 4.1% 645F 3.2% 504P
5-02 2x 365d 12.991kgM 4.2% 544F 3.0% 390P
6-10 2x 365d 14.472kgM 4.0% 572F 2.9% 419P
  • 1st Sr 3-Year-Old & HM Grand Champion Holstein, Atlantic Summer Show 2013
  • 1st Sr 3-Year-Old & Res. Intermediate Champion, Atlantic Championship Show 2013
  • 2nd 4-Year-Old, Atlantic Spring Show 2014
  • Dam to Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95-CAN
Braedale GOLDWYN
Idee Louis Luise EX-94-CAN 2E
2-01 2x 305d 8.221kgM 4.0% 330F 3.6% 294P
3-04 2x 365d 14.771kgM 4.0% 590F 3.5% 513P
5-02 2x 365d 14.813kgM 3.9% 585F 3.4% 502P
6-08 2x 365d 14.111kgM 4.1% 574F 3.4% 482P
  • Nom. All. Canadian 4yr. old 2006
  • Res. Grand Champion Atlantic Spring 2006, 1st 5yr. old Atlantic Summer 2007
  • 2nd 5yr. old Atlantic Champion 2007, 1st 4yr. old Atlantic Champion 2006
Idee Bellwood Ladonna VG-87-4YR-CAN
2-00 2x 365d 10.036kgM 4.1% 412F 3.6% 358P
3-03 2x 305d 10.231kgM 4.0% 414F 3.5% 353P
4-05 2x 305d 11.469kgM 4.1% 475F 3.3% 375P
  • 2* Brood Cow 2008

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