Impressive DAVINCI daughters in Denmark!

A very impressive group of 2yr. olds, sired by EBA Davinci, has been pictured at J. Bjerrum in Denmark. EBA Davinci is a real masterpiece, bred by EBA Holsteins, France and sold to AI-Total. His first 2yr. old daughters are looking very promising. He is a Dylan son out of EBA Netty VG-87-FR 2yr. (s. Sillian) x EBA Liza VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy) out of EBA Heazy EX-90-FR. Davinci notes +2714 GTPI and +3.10 PTAT, solide production traits (+0.15%F & +0.11%P), positive fitness traits and a fantastic balanced type, he adds power and strength with correct rumps, width and tremendous udders. He guarantees in his Canadian index: +11 Conformation with +9 Mammary System. DGF PSG @ AI-Total, is an EBA Davinci son out of DGF Magalia VG-85-FR 2yr. (s. King Doc) out of Madona Du Bois De Pins VG-87-FR 2yr. DGF PSG guarantees +2714 GTPI with +3.44 PTAT / +2.36 UDC / +0.88 Rump Angle / +0.45 Rear Legs-Side / +3.70 Rear Udder Width / +3.43 Rear Udder Height. He notes in his Canadian index +11 Conformation with +10 Mammary System.


Photo credits: AI-Total, Jane Steel, Guillaume Moy Photographies, Alger Meekma ©

EBA DAVINCI daughters at J. Bjerrum @ AI-Total


Dylan x EBA Netty VG-87-FR (s. Sillian) x EBA Liza VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy)

  • Great sire with different sire stack!
  • +2714 GTPI with +3.10 PTAT and +2.28 UDC
  • Sire to  DGF PSG @ AI-Total at +2714 GTPI and +3.44 PTAT and to DG Blackburn @AI-Total at +3.64 PTAT and +15 Conformation! 

Dam: EBA Netty VG-87-FR 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
Sillian x EBA Liza VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy) x EBA Heazy EX-90-FR (s. Mogul)

2nd dam: EBA Liza VG-88-FR 
Kingboy x EBA Heazy EX-90-FR (s. Mogul)

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