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Lohmann Dempsey Rose

(Dempsey x Durham x Roy)

Dempsey with 14 EX-dams!!


Dueholm Breeding I/S
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November 29, 2017


  • What a pedigree! Heifer with 14 generations EXCELLENT dams behind her!
  • Family that is one of the longest line of excellent cows in the world!
  • Best B&W heifer Regional Show Aulum 2019
  • Same family as Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody EX-97-UK: 3 times SUPREME CHAMPION UK Dairy Expo
  • Together in ownership with Rasmus Haugaard


Lirr Drew Dempsey
EPH Rolls Rose VG-86-DE 2yr.
TL17/11 5.724kgM 3.8% 219F 3.1% 179P
  • 3rd Junior Heifer Normandy Show '16!
Regancrest Elton DURHAM
Kingsmill Roy Roulette-ET EX-92-USA 2E
2-04 2x 365d 8.412kgM 3.8% 317F 2.9% 177P
4-03 2x 347d 11.035kgM 3.8% 423F 3.0% 334P
6-04 2x 365d 12.710kgM 4.0% 508F 3.1% 396P
  • 14th generation Excellent
Roylane Jordan (ROY)
Astrahoe LJ Rosa Rebel-ET EX-92-USA 2E
7-05 2x 365d 22.036kgM 4.2% 917F 2.8% 624P
3-02 2x 305d 14.569kgM 3.9% 567F 3.1% 457P
1186d 50.331kgM 3.9% 1.962F 3.2% 1.601P

Next Dams

4th Pinehurst Royal Rosa EX-91-USA 2E
5th Pinehurst Roulade EX-92-USA 2E
6th Pinehurst Sweet Cleo EX-90-USA
7th Pinehurst Sweet Freedom EX-90-USA
8th Pinehurst Sweet Delight EX-91-USA
9th Pinehurst Rapture EX-96-USA
10th Pinehurst Fragrance EX-90-USA
11th Hayssen Fond Ariel EX-90-USA
12th Hayssen D V Audrey EX-90-USA
13th Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel EX-92-USA
14th Arlite Posch EX-92-USA EX-92-USA
15th Audrey Posch EX-93-USA

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