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Retraitehoeve Lucky Shot 2 EX-90-NL

(Adorable x Silver x Maddock van de Peul P)

She is a gorgeous Adorable daughter!


Retraitehoeve Holsteins
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April 29, 2018




  • Here she is! She is a stunning Adorable daughter!
  • Lucky Shot 2 is classified with EX-90-NL with EX-91 for her Feet & Legs
  • Exclusive POLLED family in Europe!
  • Her dam, Lucky Shot 1 is a POLLED Silver dtr from the Lucky Shot family!
  • Lucky Shot 1 is classified with VG-87-NL 2yr.


Lucky Shot 1 P *RC VG-87-NL 2yr.
1.11 315d 8.872kgM 4.7% 419F 3.5% 309P
2.11 143d 5.174kgM 4.5% 234F 3.3% 170P
2.11 305d (proj) 9.614kgM 4.9% 473F 3.5% 336P
  • Silver dtr from the Lucky Shot family!
  • Exclusive POLLED family in Europe!
Seagull-Bay SILVER-ET
Lucky Shot P 39 GP-82-NL 2yr.
2.01 507d 12.562kgM 4.2% 522F 3.6% 450P
3.08 326d 11.012kgM 3.6% 394F 3.6% 396P
  • Produced >20.000kgM in 2 lactations!
  • Dam of two Silver daughters
MADDOCK van de Peul P
Het Meer Lucky Shot P 17 VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 3yr.
2.01 419d 10.935kgM 4.9% 531F 3.4% 373P
3.04 345d 11.128kgM 4.5% 499F 3.5% 393P
4.06 354d 10.454kgM 4.9% 507F 3.5% 365P
5.07 253d 9.926kgM 4.7% 463F 3.2% 316P
  • VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 3yr. old!

Next Dams

4th Het Meer Lucky Shot 3400 VG-87-NL
5th Abtshoeve Lucky Addi >80.000kgM lifetime!

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