Modolino Doorman Dori Grand Champion Dairy Grand Prix '24

Modolino Doorman Dori has done good business at the Dairy Grand Prix 2024 in Austria. The nine years old Doorman daughter from Schönhof Holsteins and Carnica Holsteins with her stunning udder was first in her class, followed by her herdmate Schönhof's Goldrock Mercedes. Later that day became Doorman Dori Senior Champion and tapped out to Grand Champion. Also success for Schönhof Holsteins by the Jerseys with Schönhof's Choco Jelly (s. Chocochip), she tapped out to Jersey Heifer Champion!


Photo credits: Photo's by Fleur Maartje ©

Senior Champion & Grand Champion: Modolino Doorman Dori (s. Doorman)

Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion: Jakarta (s. Sidekick)

Left: Modolino Doorman Dori (s. Doorman). Right: KH Edelweiss (s. Calvo)


2nd in her class: Schönhof's Goldrock Mercedes (s. Goldrock)


Reserve 2yr. old Champion: Schönhof's Move On (s. Moovin *RC)


Jr. Champion Jersey's: Schönhof's Choco Jelly (s. Chocochip)


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Schönhof Holstein
Schönhofweg 2
Maishofen, Austria
Phone: +43 6769712913
Email: rupert.wenger@gmail.com

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