Mox Armani Moolady EX-91-DE is pictured!

A incredible new picture has been made of Mox Armani Moolady from Mox Holsteins, Germany. As three year old cow she was classified with VG-89-DE, she developed into a great young cow and is now classified with EX-91-DE. Her dam was 1st in her class, H.M. Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2018 and Reserve Intermediate Champion German Open 2008: Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH. Moolady her grand dam is Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE, the Res. Champion Steiermarkschau 2008 and Res. Grand Champion R&W German Open 2004. The stunning Armani daughter is maternal sister to Mox Atshott Mango VG-87-DE 2yr., Mox Debonair Marmara VG-89-DE 3yr. and the Res. Junior Champion Expo Bulle 2010: Mox Talent Mandy EX-95-CH.

Photo credits: Guillaume Moy Photographies, Wolfhard Schulze, Luca Nolli ©

Mox Armani Moolady EX-91-DE
Armani x Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH x Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE

  • Stunning Armani daughter out of Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH
  • Maternal sister to Mox Talent Mandy EX-93-CH - Res. Jr. Champion Expo Bulle '10
  • Dam was Grand Champion Swiss Expo '08 & Res. Int. Champion R&W German Open '08
  • From the great La Presentation Cow family which produced bulls like Bonair, Denzel & Windows

Dam: Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH
Kite x Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE x WFD Mercedes VG-88-DE

  • 1st & HM. Grand Champion Swiss Expo Lausanne 2008
  • 1st & Res. Int. Champion R&W German Open 2008
  • All German Holstein Champion Red Heifers & 1 Rang Jr. Bull Expo 2008
  • Top seller Mox Sale for €30.400!!

Mox Atshott Mango VG-87-DE 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
Atshott x Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH x Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE

Mox Debonair Marmara VG-89-DE 3yr. (PEDIGREE)
Debonair x Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH x Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE

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