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MS Dreary Dreima GP-83-CAN 2yr.

(Layne x Boliver)

From the Outside Dabble family


G.A.E.C. Du Bon Temps
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Reg No.



November 10, 2012

Production Records

2.03 365d 10.350kgM 3.8% 388F 3.4% 349P


GP-83-CAN GP-84-MS 2yr.

Genomic Result

US 12/16 GTPI +2165 / NM $ 384 / PTAT +1.52 [ Details ]


  • Great combination: Layne x Boliver x Outside Dabble
  • Maternal sister to Deligent @ TAG (s. Dorcy)
  • Dam is sister to Ronelee Toyst Decidious VG-85-USA 3yr.
  • Same family as the former #1 GTPI RC bull in the World, Durable
  • Same family as Domain, Darva, O-Daddy, Dean, Denzel, Deligent and more
  • Family contracted by all major AI organisations in the USA
  • Worldwide contracted family


Kellercrest Super LAYNE-ET
Ronelee Boliver Dreary VG-86 DOM
2-04 2x 305d 10.886kgM 3.8% 415F 3.4% 373P
  • Dam to Deligent @ TAG (s. Dorcy)
  • Sister to Ronelee Toystory Decidious VG-85-USA 3yr. & Darva EX-92-USA
  • Sister to Determine, O-Daddy, Domain & Durable
Ronelee Outside Dabble EX-91-USA 2E
2-00 3x 305d 14.565kgM 3.0% 438F 3.1% 454P
3-06 3x 305d 16.715kgM 3.6% 594F 3.1% 514P
5-03 3x 305d 17.259kgM 3.6% 625F 3.1% 540P
  • Dam to O-Daddy, Domain, Determine & Durable - Former #1 RC bull in the World
  • Grand dam to Dean, Denzel, Deligent & Dayward
Comestar OUTSIDE
Ronelee Rudolph Dimple EX-93-USA 2E DOM
2.03 365d 17.033kgM 3.5% 595F 3.2% 545P
3.10 365d 20.313kgM 3.5% 713F 3.1% 630P
5.08 365d 20.829kgM 3.7% 777F 3.1% 648P

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