NEW picture family member KNS Dina!

GRH Darling EX-90-DE, the dam to the populair R&W bull STERLING-RED @ RUW is pictured again in her 4th lactation. She is from the same family as the Jacoby dtr KNS Dina @ Bolleholster Holsteins and traces back to KNS Dorfgirl EX-93-DE. This family brought several sons for A.I. like Stadel & Tabelau-Red and is also very successful at the coloured shavings. The sister to Dina's grand dam KNS Dornröschen (s. Dempsey) won the 2-Yr Old Champion at the Masterrind Konvent 2014. Dornröschen her Atwood daughter, OHB Dream, continued this success with winning this years Res. 2-Yr Old Champion at the Schau der Besten. KNS Dina could be the next in this incredible line-up, she comes straight out 3 EXCELLENT dams and has a huge sire stack: Jacoby x Goldwyn x Lee!

Jacoby x KNS Daybright EX-91 (s. Goldwyn) x KNS Daylight EX-90 (s. Lee) x KNS Dorfgirl EX-93

Grand dam her sister: KNS Dornröschen (s. Demspey) - 2-Yr Old Champion Masterrind Konvent 2014

OHB Dream (s. Atwood x KNS Dornröschen)

  • Successful at European Show Libramont 2019
  • Res. 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten 2019

Same family: GRH Darling EX-90-DE (s. Snow *RC) - dam to STERLING-RED (s. Styx-Red) @ RUW


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