New picture of the most influential R&W young cows!

Lakeise Ups Red Range has been pictured recently. This amazing 2-Yr Old, sired by Salvatore *RC, is a direct daughter of OH DG Rose VG-89-NL EX-MS 5yr. This outstanding R&W has a huge influence for the Holstein industry and has delivered >16 sons for A.I. 

Photo credits: Anna Joosse, Alger Meekma ©

Red Range her sons in A.I.:

3STAR OH Ranger-Red - 2897 GTPI
Koepon AltaRefine-Red - 2784 GTPI
Koepon OH Ryder-Red - 2779 GTPI
Koepon Rigoletto - 2773 GTPI
Koepon Tezzo-Red - 2757 GTPI
Koepon Rugosa-Red - 2755 GTPI
Koepon Twisted-Red - 2750 GTPI
Koepon Relax-Red - 2740 GTPI
Koepon OH Robin-Red - 2697 GTPI
HMO Symbol-Red - 2694 GTPI

Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. @ Koepon Genetics
2.11 305d 9.562kgM 4.4% 418F 3.4% 323P

  • Bred by Lakeside / Upstream Holsteins, the Netherlands

One of Red Range her most complete sons is Koepon RELAX-RED. This DG OH Rubels-Red son is available through AI-Total.
Relax-Red has great milk traits in combination with super health figures. In his Dutch-index he provides +110 Type with +114 for Udders. This results in a lifetime of +502!!

Red Range her full sister Lakeside Ups Rosylane-Red has still great indexes in the US, German and Dutch system. Her daughters from Hawaii and Jacuzzi are in the ET / IVF program and will bring new influence from this family. Her Andy-Red dochters are scoring great in the Dutch indexes.

At Bouw Holsteins we find another great donor from this family. Sudena Rosa-Red is a great Gonzales-Red daughters straight out OH DG Rose. Rosa-Red has a complete NVI index of +229 NVI in combination with +153 RZG in her German index.

One thing we know for sure, we will hear a lot more about this great transmitting family in the near future!!

Dam to Red Range: OH DG Rose VG-89-NL EX-MS 5yr. @ Sudena Holsteins
2.05 305d 10.920kgM 4.1% 450F 3.4% 366P
4.02 305d 12.659kgM 5.1% 643F 3.5% 441P
5.04 305d 12.911kgM 4.6% 596F 3.7% 483P

  • More than 60 daughters and sons!!

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