New pictures influential brood cows Hul-Stein!!

We received some great new pictures made by Anna Joosse from the super transmitting brood cows at Hul-Stein: Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS and her daughter Hul-Stein Crownjewel VG-85-NL. Calico is a direct daughter from the Canadian 47 STAR brood cow: Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN EX-MS 47* and is backed by six EXCELLENT dams in her pedigree. Her great-grand daughter Hul-Stein Butterlaw is the #7 GTPI calf <9 months in Europe at +2829 GTPI. Family member Hul-Stein Crownmax is one of the most interesting RZG bulls in the breed with +163 RZG and +158 RZM. He is available through Masterrind. 

Hul-Stein Crownjewel VG-85-NL // former #1 GTPI Platinum in Europe
Platinum x Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS (s. Shamrock) x Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN EX-MS 8yr. 47*

Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86-NL EX-91-MS

>>> CLICK HERE <<< for her great-grand daughter Hul-Stein Butterlaw // #7 GTPI Calf <9 months in Europe at +2829 GTPI

Same family: Hul-Stein CROWNMAX @ Masterrind - top ranking RZG bull: +163 RZG / +158 RZM / +118 RZE / +123 RZN
Imax x Hul-Stein Crown Party 2 VG-87 (s. Profit) x VG-85 Platinum x Anderstrup DG Calico VG-86

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Murnserdijk 8
Mirns, Netherlands
8573 WN
Phone: +31 (0)5 14582453
Web Site: http://www.eurogenes.com/hul-stein
Email: info@ki-zwf.nl

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