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Bons Holsteins Koba 219 grand champion HHH-Show ‘17

December 13, 2017 Last weekend the HHH-Show take place for the 28th time in Zwolle. There were big succeses for Bons Holsteins, Heerenbrink Holsteins, Southland Holsteins and Drouner Holsteins. Grand Champion of the show became Bons-Holsteins Koba 219 (s. Lautority) from Bons Holsteins in Ottoland. Click further for pictures and complete results of the National HHH Show 2017.   Read More

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2 new VG-89 point cows at Southland Holsteins!

October 10, 2017 Southland Holsteins had a very successful classification day with 2 new VG-89 scoring 3-yr. olds. Among them was: Southland GC Dellia with VG-89 & Southland Plati Sharon 10 VG-89 and a Excellent Mammary System! Other highlights of the day were: Southland Kingboy Mente VG-88 2yr., Southland Rubicon Sharon VG-87 2yr. & Hero Viana with VG-87 points as a 2yr. old.   Read More

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Southland Holsteins captures Grand Champion in Rijsbergen

August 10, 2017 Southland Holteins had a very successful day at the Farmersday in Rijsbergen where their Kingboy daughter: Southland De Crob Mental crowned as Grand Champion of the day! She goes back through Mogul x Planet x Goldwyn to the American Plushanki Chief Faith EX-94-USA cow family, which is the same family as: Fortune, Archi, Meadow, Forbidden & others.   Read More

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New picture of the incredible Southland Windbrook Gina!

July 13, 2017 Southland Holsteins from the van Beek family in Teteringen had a very successful show during the Dutch National NRM Show! 4 out of 5 cows ended up in the top 5 in their classes with the highlight of the day: Southland Windbrook Gina! She won her class and named HM. Intermediate Champion! This great show star has been walking over the coloured shavings for over the past 4 years and always ended in the top 5. Gina has been repictured at the Dutch National Show and will be continued to be flushed. Inquiries are welcome.   Read More

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Great classification day @ Southland with 2 new EXCELLENTS

February 24, 2017 Great classification day yesterday at Southland Holsteins, with multiple new VG 2yr. olds and 2 new EXCELLENTS! The multiple show winner Southland Windbrook Gina has raised her score to EX-91 and the Mr. Savage daughter Southland Sav Massia 20 Red became EX-90! Click further for pictures and more info!   Read More

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7 Championship titles for Southland Holsteins

February 3, 2017 Southland Holsteins from the van Beek family in Teteringen had a great kick off for this year’s show season! No less than 6 championship titles were taken during the Wintershow in Etten-Leur! Southland Holsteins dominated the young and intermediate classes with winning Champion 2yr. old with Southland Dellia 21 (s. Gold Chip), Reserve Champion 2yr. old went to Southland Plati Sharon 10 (s. Platinum), Southland Windbrook Gina took home the Intermediate Championship title while Southland Sweet Lady (s. Big Winner) won Reserve Intermediate Champion! But that was not all for the van Beek family, later that day Southland Gina also crowned as audience Champion!   Read More

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HHH-winners Southland Holsteins pictured

January 20, 2017 Southland Holsteins Sweet Lady and Southland Door Diena 89 both won their class at the National HHH-show 2016, recently their pictures came back which were taken after the show. Southland Sweet Lady is a daughter of Big Winner which goes back on the Swampy-Hollow Sweet cow family, Doorman daughter Diena 89 comes from the homebred Diena’s of Southland Holsteins. Click further for pictures and pedigrees.   Read More

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Very successful HHH Show for Southland Holsteins

December 14, 2016 It was a very successful HHH Show for the van Beek family of Southland Holsteins with taking 3 great milkers to the show from which 2 won their class: Southland Doorman Dellia & Southland Sweet! Click further for more information and pictures!   Read More

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16 new 2yr. old scoring VG-85,3 average at Southland Holsteins

November 17, 2016 The latest classification day at Southland Holsteins resulted in 1 new 88- and 5 new VG-87 2yr. olds! Daughters by Gold Chip, Bradnick, Platinum, Doorman & Golden Dreams were scored, 16 2yr. olds averaged VG-85,3! Some of the highlights were Southland GC Dellia 21 (s. Gold Chip) scoring VG-88 2yr., Southland Gina 14 (s. Golden Dreams) with VG-87 2yr. & Southland Door Diena (s. Doorman) with VG-87 2yr. old. Click further for more details of the most recently classified cows at Southland Holsteins.   Read More

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Southland Alex Carola 11 now EXCELLENT

April 8, 2016 3 years ago Southland Alex Carola 11 became Res. Milkingheifer Champion during the European Show in Fribourg, now in her 3rd lactation as a 6 year old cow she became EXCELLENT! Carola 11 comes from a deep American cow family going back on Vir-Clar Cameo EX-90-USA! As well the same family as the genomic giant Supershot!   Read More

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