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Boss daughter Bayla 2 scored and pictured!

January 2, 2017 Her sire Boss is still the #4 daughter proven RZG sire in Germany, excelling in functional, healthy cows with high fat & protein percentages. One of his very best daughters around is Caps DKR Bayla 2 VG-86-NL 2yr., purchased by Hackett Holsteins & Diamond Genetics as a calf through the German Masters Sale '14 and turned out to be a great investment with her first son already sold to AI (Cogent, UK) and multiple interesting daughters.   Read More

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New donors at Hackett Holsteins

October 7, 2016 Some new top donors have been added at Hackett Holsteins in Wales. One of the most interesting heifers at this moment is Hackett Delta Cecilia-ET, the #3 GTPI Delta dtr in Europe / #4 GTPI Heifer in Europe with GTPI 2721!! She goes back through Day x Planet to the one and only Larcrest Cosmoplitan VG-87-USA. Click further for more top donors.   Read More

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Interesting sire stacks at Hackett Holsteins

August 19, 2015 Some of the newest donors at Hackett Holsteins are getting their attention by their great sire stacks.Hackett Kingboy Bailey carries a different sire stack with sire Kingboy from a Gabor dam, going back on Glen-Die Haven Oman Biffy, while her herd mate, Hackett Lidia is sired by AltaEmbassy and is a direct daughter of the well known Alexander cow, Bertaiola Alexander Lidia and is from the same family as Mincio @ Semenzoo.   Read More

100 Tonnes of milk cow at Hackettt Holsteins

March 6, 2015 Hackettfarm Bonus Lulu VG-88-UK has exceed the 100.000 kg milk level! She scored VG-88-UK in her 9th lactation and is a Bonus dtr from several generations of homebred cows! She will calf again for the 13th time soon with TW Goodwhone (Mogul x Campogallo Active Gaia).    Read More

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Hackett Holsteins invest in World Class RZG heifer

November 4, 2014 Hackett Holsteins from the UK has invested in the World Class RZG heifer Caps DKR Bayla 2. The #11 RZG heifer born in 2014 with RZG 160 with an ultra complete genomic profile! Her dam is the #1 RZG cow World Wide born in 2010, DKR Bayla VG-86-NL 2yr., which is dam to the #2 GTPI Chevrolet World Wide, #1 RZG Smurf, has plenty of sons in AI like Be One @ Semex and more. Grand dam of Bayla 2 is the former #1 GTPI cow in the breed, Baviere VG-87-NL EX-MS, going back on the Canadian Cow of the Year, Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie!   Read More

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Hackett Holsteins: Newest member on Eurogenes

July 7, 2014 The newest member on Eurogenes is Hackett Holsteins from Wales, UK. Several great donors owned by Hackett Holsteins. One of their latest purchases was Speek-NJ Day Patsy Cline, a lovely grand daughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan and full sister to Conkite @ ABS.    Read More

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