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Grand Champion NRM 2019 now EX-93 with EX-95 Dairy Strength!!

May 14, 2020 The Grand Champion of the National Dutch Holstein Show (NRM): Bons-Holsteins Ella 192 @ Bons Holsteins, Ottoland just scored EX-93-NL 8yr. with EX-93 for her Mammary System and the impressive score of EX-95 for Dairy Strenght!! This Seaver daughter has a huge victory list with also winning: Grand Champion FVZH-Wintershow Noordeloos 2020, 4th place European Show Libramont 2019, H.M. Intermediate Champion HHH-Show 2016, 3rd place Swiss Expo Lausanne 2015 & more! Her dam is the Grand Champion of the foreign NRM Show 2017: Bons-Holsteins Ella 158 and is classified with EX-94-NL!! Furthermore Bons-Holsteins Aaltje 79 (s. Stormatic) were scored with EX-92-NL and Bons-Holsteins Ella 204 (s. Atwood) with EX-91-NL EX-92-MS. Click further to find out more.   Read More

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New pictures amazing DARLING'S @ JK Eder Holsteins

May 14, 2020 During the sunny days it was time for another picture moment at JK Eder Holsteins. They made new pictures of the incredible DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH EX-97-MS family members: JK DG Darlina & JK DG Dance. Both full sisters are sired by Doorman and just fresh in their 2nd lacation. Darlina even knew to increase her score to VG-89-NL with VG-89 for her mammary system!! Their dam is the EXCELLENT full sister to the SUPREME Champion Swiss Expo '17 & Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2018: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH EX-97-MS. Another maternal sister by Solomon scored VG-87-NL VG-88-MS as a 2-Yr Old. This makes the Darling cow family even more special!! Click furhter for the great new pictures.   Read More

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Diamond Genetics is currently looking for R&W Holstein bulls!

May 14, 2020 Diamond Genetics is currently looking for Red &White Holstein bulls that meet the following criteria:   Read More

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Hokovit POWERALL P - topping ISET sire at +1511 ISET

May 12, 2020 Hokovit POWERALL P, one of Hokovit Genetics latest releases, is in the top 4 ISET sires in the Swiss system. He notes profitable 1511 ISET and available at Swissgenetics since January. He has many more to offer you: +0.30% Protein, Kappa Casein BB, POLLED and a huge cow family tracing back to the queen of the breed: C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD! His dam Hokovit Powerwind GP-83-CH 2yr. is doing well in her second lactation and currently projected with 12.500kgM 3.91%F 3.41%P in 305 days. The daughter of POWERALL P his maternal sister: Hokovit Powermaid notes +1617 ISET and 150 IPL and belongs to the absolute top ISET heifers in Switzerland! Click further to find out more.   Read More

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Top UDDER females in Europe!!

May 12, 2020 The exciting list about the top ranking UDDER females based on the trait UDC of the American GTPI index is now available! n relation to the December 2019 proof there are some little changes comparing it to the top 3. The new #1 UDC female is the foregin #4 UDC female: Toc-Farm Sidekick Cheryl at 3.60 UDC. She traces back to the great transmitter & show cow: Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-96-IT. This family also brought Bel Doorman Zita VG-87-DE 2yr. - Junior Champion Swiss Expo 2017. Furthermore we find Cowindale Devour Kalibra at the fourth spot with +3.44 for udders. She is a daughter of Panda Awesome O'Kalibra VG-86-UK 2yr. and traces back to the legendary European Champion Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra EX-97-CH. Close family to Wilcor Goldwin O'Kadabra VG-89-NL EX-92-MS 4yr. - HM. 2-Yr Old Champion HHH-Show '16 @ van Wijhe. Making the top 10 complete is Savage-Leigh LB Awesome Alexia-Red an Awesome-Red daughter from one of Apple's latest EX-95 descendants: Ms D Apple Danielle-Red EX-95-USA, bred by La Brasserie Holstein and sold for 9.200 EUR in the La Brasserie Sale '18 to Austria. Click further for the complet top 10 UDC females in Europe.   Read More

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MAX-score for Bulona her Atwood 2-Yr Old!

May 12, 2020 The fabulous Atwood daughter of the European participant Libramont '19 & Reserve Senior Champion HHH-Show 2018 & NRM Show 2019: Drakkar Bulona EX-92-NL EX-93-MS scored the MAX-score for a 2-Yr Old in the Netherlands!! Her name: Heerenbrink Butterfly, she was already Junior Champion at the RSN Show 2018 and extended her victory list with winning the 2-Yr Old ribbons at the Wintershow Pesse 2020! She scored VG-89-NL 2yr. (MAX) with VG-89 for her Frame, VG-89 for her Dairy Strength, VG-88 for her Feet and Legs and also the MAX-score of VG-89 for her mammary system! Butterfly is bred by Heerenbrink Holsteins & Hullcrest Holsteins and owned by Heerenbrink Holsteins. Click further for more info about this promising 2-Yr Old.   Read More

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VIDEO - FEM. Godewind *RC embryos from the Luxembourg Champion!

May 11, 2020 FEMALE Godewind *RC, recently passed away and sire to multiple show winners, from the Reserve 2-Yr Old Champion of the Luxembourg National Show 2019: HBL Joly VG-87-NL 2yr. This Chino A daughter from a VG-86-LUX McCutchen x Holly 252 EX-90-LUX EX-91-MS (s. Emily) has the complete package with several show succeses in her French pedigree and huge productions up to 15.000kgM!! Her grand dam was 5th at National Holstein Show Luxembourg 2019 and successful at Nuit de la Holstein 2018. Click further for more info for these great embryos in the 24/7 WEBSHOP.   Read More

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Belgium Champion to Giessen Holsteins!!

May 11, 2020 The Belgium Champion and MAX-scored 2yr. Old Hilltop Atwood Maxima VG-89-BE 2yr. (MAX) is the new addition of Giessen Holsteins! This extraordinary 2-Yr Old was 1st & 2-Yr Old Champion at the Agro Expo in Roeselare earlier this year. Her dam is the European show cow and Grand Champion Agriflanders 2020: Hilltop Tonka Lilac. At 1.10 years Lilac scored the MAX-score of VG-89-BE 1yr. and recently raised her score to EX-90-BE 4yr. with an EX-90 mammary system. Her Atwood daughter Maxima is a name to keep in mind with a big future in front of her! Click further to read more about this new show cow @ Giesen Holsteins.   Read More

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May '20 intermediate run: #1 GTPI & NM$ female for Hul-Stein!

May 8, 2020 The brand new indexes from the May 2020 intermediate run are made available online for you today! Either the #1 GTPI & #1 NET MERIT female this run is for Hul-Stein with Hul-Stein Sweet Breezer, sired by home-bred bull Hul-Stein Breezer, and noting +2932 GTPI in combination with 888 NM$ backed by the JK Eder DG Sweet EX-90-NL EX-93-MS family. Third GTPI females is Gen Blake, a Nacash daughter from the Calbrett Supersire Barb family with +2898 GTPI and 770 NM$. Furthermore we find in the latest rankings WEH 22734, an Eisaku heifer from the Farnear-TBR Bailey family with 2850 GTPI / 730 NM$, which makes her the #19 GTPI & NM$ female. The PTAT list is topped by a Crushabull heifer with +3.81 PTAT from the Sherona-Hill Champ Angel family. At the fourth spot we find Crystalclear Undenied Cosy Cans at +3.34 PTAT, this Undenied offspring is a grand daughter to the Mogul daughter with an EX-97 mammary system: Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage EX-95-USA. Furthermore Ups Adeena Red, an unique R&W Adeen, notes +3.26 PTAT which makes her also the #4 R&W female in Europe! Click further for the overall rankings.   Read More

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Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - ending TONIGHT 9:00 p.m.

May 8, 2020 It are already the final hours of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Don't miss for example lot 1 in the Online Embryo Sale with mixed FEMALE Unstopabull-Red / FEMALE Moovin *RC from the 1st & Res. 2-Yr Old Champion German Dairy Show 2019: NH DG Arvis Silky Red VG-87-DE 2yr. (sold for 42.000 EUR) or the FEMALE Crushtime embryos from Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC EX-95-USA her unique Avalanche *RC grand daughter from an EXCELLENT Goldwyn dam. Further offers this sale Aot Silver HELIX (close to 3000 GTPI / #6 overall GTPI sire / dtr proven) embryos from the dam to DG Paul (+2818 GTPI / 687 NM$) @ AI-Total: Excloër DG Carbony VG-85-NL VG-88-MS La1. and FEMALE Milio (3.71 PTAT) embryos from the full sister to OTTO JBT (3.43 PTAT) @ ASCOL: JB Toullec King Doc Oc Cherry, the best the JB Toullec Hot Cherry EX-90-FR EX-92-MS family has to offer you. Or create the new show winner on the coloured shavings with FEMALE Brenland DENVER (+13 Conf.) from the Res. 2-Yr Old Champion of Luxembourg '19 and FEMALE Cycle McGucci JORDY-RED (2.86 PTAT / Premier Sire WDE 2019) from one of the greatest R&W show cows and grand dam to the #1 TYPE (RZE) bull in Germany: BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. Click further for the complete offering.   Read More

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