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Perle Bali VG-86-FR 2yr.

(1st grade x Gold Chip x Windbrook)

She from the same family as Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96-USA: Grand Champion @ WDE 2019


La Brasserie Holstein
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November 30, 2019


VG-86-FR 2yr.


  • It's her: Perle Bali VG-86-FR 2yr., a young and very promising 1st Grade daughter!
  • She calved at 1.10 and currently producing 38kg Milk
  • She was 3rd in her class at the SIA Paris 2022
  • Her dam is as 2yr. old classified with VG-87-FR and 2nd in her class @ Britany Regional Show '19
  • Same family as the proven bulls: Crushabull, Crushtime, High Octane, Gold Chip, Braxton, Bradnic
  • Her 5th dam is the famous bood cow, Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA
  • She is from the same family as the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo' 19: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
  • Barbara was also: 1st 4yr Old @ WDE 2014, Int. Champion @ WDE '13, HM Int. Champion @ Royal '12


Lehoux Perle Baby VG-87-FR 2yr.
2.08 305d 9685KgM 3.5% 339KgF 3.3% 319KgP
4.01 305d 13059KgM 3.1% 405KgF 3.0% 392KgP
  • 2nd place in her section Britany Regional Show 2019
  • She could be the 9th generation EXCELLENT in a row!
  • Family tracing back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA
Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP
Garay Windbrook Be Happy EX-92-CAN EX-95-MS 6yr. 3*
2.04 305d 11.722kgM 4.0% 466F 3.2% 375P
3.11 305d 15.225kgM 4.1% 625F 3.0% 460P
5.09 365d 17.046kgM 3.9% 669F 3.1% 524P
  • 1st 4yr. Old Bassin de la Chaudiere '16, 1st 4yr. Old & BU l'Expo St-Isidore '16
  • 2 Superior Lactations!!
  • 9VG or EX daughters till date
  • Same family as the proven bulls: Crushabull, Crushtime, High Octane, Gold Chip, Braxton, Bradnic
Siemers Million Bejewel EX-91-CAN EX-93-MS 2E 3*
2.03 305d 10.094kgM 3.5% 358F 3.0% 299P
3.06 305d 12.647kgM 3.3% 423F 2.9% 366P
4.10 305d 14.892kgM 3.6% 538F 2.8% 415P
7.01 193d 9.136kgM 3.4% 314F 2.9% 268P

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