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We have received the first pictures of the lots selling in the SHOW STYLE SALE in Schönhofsweg 2, Mitterhofen, Austria this weekend November the 4th. Stay tuned and follow the Show Style Sale Facebook page for more updates coming in. This great sale will be co-organized by Schönhof Holstein from Austria and offers the very best type and show heifers Europe has to offer!

Start: Saturday, November the 4th
Where: Schönhofsweg 2, Mitterhofen, Austria
More info: CLICK HERE

Lot 02. Carnica Schönhof's SS Dorianna


Lot 04. Tamina

Lot 7b. GJG Royal


Lot 09. Schönhof's Fancy


Lot 10. Fine


Lot 11. HG Annerose


Lot 12. May


Lot 14. Bibi


Lot 16. Page


Lot 18. Nevana

Lot 19. Schönhof's Megachip


Lot 20. GJG Florina

Lot 24. Estelle

Lot 25. Silberhof Boomerang Zalando

Lot 26. Heidi


Lot 27. Carnica Chief Hazel


Lot 28. Bianca

Lot 31. Anna


Lot 32. Silberhof Sandro Siri-Rae-Red


Lot 33. Florentina


Lot 36. GTB Macarena


Lot 39. Elisa


Lot 40. Fanny


Lot 44. Schönhof's TStorm Alsia


Lot 47. Schönhof's HiHu Allyssa


Lot 51. Schönhof's Attico Redgirl Red


Lot 53. Fabia


Lot 54. Schönhof's Attraction Zeynep


Lot 58. Schönhof's TStorm Rihanna


Lot 64. Schönhof's Turbo Kiki

Learn more about Schönhof Holstein - view their Eurogenes profile
To contact Schönhof Holstein, click here or use the following contact information.

Schönhof Holstein
Schönhofweg 2
Maishofen, Austria
Phone: +43 6769712913
Email: rupert.wenger@gmail.com

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