R DG Adam-Red: the surprise in the Netherlands!

He is the surprise this August 2019 release in the daughter proven R&W index list in the Netherlands: Aikman *RC son R DG Adam-Red! This special R&W bull is bred by Rijnhof Holsteins & Diamond Genetics and straight out the Reserve 2-Yr Old Champion Opmeer 2014 (against B&W's): BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. Adam has a very complete Dutch gNVI index with +1572 Milk, +336 INET, +775 Lifetime, +109 Type and +110 Udders which results in +272 gNVI and a #6 in the R&W daughter proven sire list!!! The family of this extraordinary R&W bull traces back to the Goldwyn daughter of Kamps-Hollow Altitude *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM: KHW Goldwyn Aiko *RC EX-91-USA. Adam is not only a specialist for the commercial dairy farmer, he brought also Frico-Jack Adam Joofi who was second in her section at the Junior Expo Bulle 2017. R DG Adam Red is available in the Netherlands through KI-Samen.

R DG ADAM-RED // #6 daughter proven R&W sire in the Netherlands!!

ADAM-RED daughter: Frico-Jack Adam Joofi 

  • ​2nd place Junior Expo Bulle 2017, Switzerland

ADAM-RED his sister: R DG Avira-Red VG-85-NL 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
Olympian *RC x BTS-Avea Red VG-87 (s. Detox *RC) x KHW-I Aika Baxter VG-89 x KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91
2.03 415d 12.487kgM 4.2% 518F 3.7% 518P
3.07 437d 14.991kgM 4.0% 600F 3.6% 532P

  • Dam to R DG Adalyn-Red VG-87-NL 2yr. 
  • Former top 5 GTPI R&W Heifer in Europe!
  • Sister to the high R&W bulls Aviator Red, Alphaman and Adam
  • Family of Jotan, Acme, Advent, Fraiko, Perfect Aiko, Absolute & more

R DG Adalyn-Red VG-87-NL 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
Entitle *RC x R DG Avira Red VG-85 (s. Olympian *RC) x BTS-Avea Red VG-87 (s. Detox *RC)
2.07 199d 6.221kgM 4.5% 278F 3.9% 241P
2.07 305d 9.255kgM 4.4% 411F 3.8% 353P

  • Full sister to R DG ALADDIN @ Cogent - PLI +629 / ISET +1560!! / Heavily used in Switzerland!!
  • Great donor, already scored VG-87 2yr. and 4.0% PROTEIN!!
  • One of the most successful transmitting lines of the KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91-USA cow family
  • Embryos AVAILABLE in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sales!!!

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