Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes wins Grand Champion in Maishofen!

The Salzburg State Show in Maishofen, Austria is recently won by Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes! This 4th calver Goldrock (Goldwyn x Lee) daughter convinced at the show with her amazing udder and correct feet and legs above the 6th calver Sanchez daughter Romona who won the Res. Grand Champion in Maishofen. Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes EX-90-AT is from a great pedigree: VG-86 Star-Leader x VG-87 Rudolph x VG Bonatus.

Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes EX-90-AT - Grand Champion State Show Salzburg '19 !!

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Schönhof Holstein
Schönhofweg 2
Maishofen, Austria
Phone: +43 6769712913
Email: rupert.wenger@gmail.com

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