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SH Doorman Deluxe VG-86-NL 2yr.

(Doorman x Alexander x Goldwyn)

Direct dtr of Garay Alexander Destiny EX-94


Schouten Holsteins
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November 20, 2020


VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.


  • Direct daughter of the EX-94 Alexander daughter: Garay Alexander Destiny EX-94-USA
  • Sired by DOORMAN - Premier Sire World Dairy Expo 2019
  • Dam was All-American Milking Yearling & Int. Champion Mid-West Fall Show 2013
  • Great-grand dam is full sister to the legends Regancrest Damion & Regancrest Elton Durham
  • Backed by Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA
  • Same family as DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH - Supreme Champion Swiss Expo 2017


Garay Alexander Destiny EX-94-USA
1-10 2x 362d 11.123kgM 3.8% 420F 2.9% 319P
3.08 2x 305d 13.467kgM 3.5% 471F 2.6% 350P
  • All-American Milking Yearling 2011, HM All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2011
  • 1st Milking Yearling World Dairy Expo 2011, 4th Milking Yearling Royal Winter Fair 2011
Stanhope Dellia Goldwyn VG-88-CAN 4yr. 17*
2-01 2x 365d 12.118kgM 4.2% 513F 3.3% 398P
3-08 2x 365d 15.883kgM 4.6% 737F 3.2% 513P
5-10 2x 348d 16.548kgM 3.5% 577F 3.1% 517P
  • 3rd Jr. 1-Yr Old Lindsay EX. 2007
  • 1 Superior Lactation in Canada
Braedale GOLDWYN
Wilcoxview DBL Dellia-ET VG-87-CAN 3yr. 6*
2-01 2x 305d 7.974kgM 2.7% 217F 3.7% 297P
3-01 2x 365d 13.453kgM 3.1% 419F 3.5% 477P
5-01 2x 365d 12.459kgM 3.4% 420F 3.6% 449P
7-09 3x 305d 11.361kgM 336% 410F 3.3% 375P
  • 2 EXCELLENT and 4 Very-Good daughters in Canada

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