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G-Rose Dime-Red

(Warrior-Red x Jordy-Red x Action-Red)

Grand dtr to Lake-Breeze Act Dee-Red EX-92-USA

Multiple Owners

Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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Schouten Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 2, 2020

Genomic Result

US 05/21 GTPI +1823 / NM $ -281 / PTAT +3.18 [ Details ]
CA 04/21 Conf. +9


  • Warrior-Red x Jordy-Red x EX-92 Action-Red x EX-94 Camden-Red x Redmarker Desire EX-96
  • Grand dam was Res. Junior Champion Western Spring National (R&W) 2015!!
  • Great-grand dam Deidra was H.M. All-American R&W Produce of Dam 2013!!
  • Deep cowfamily with numerous All-Americans and showwinning cows!
  • Backed by Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-USA - Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2005
  • Great show family!!
  • Same family as ARIZONA-RED @ Aberekin


Grai-Rose Dimepiece-Red
  • +3.01 PTAT / +13 Conf. Jordy-Red dtr of Dee-Red EX-92!!
Cycle Mcgucci JORDY-RED
Lake-Breeze Act Dee-Red EX-92-USA
2.00 305d 10.360kgM 3.7% 383F 2.7% 280P
3.08 305d 13.449kgM 3.3% 444F 3.1% 417P
  • Res. Junior Champion Western Spring National (R&W) 2015
  • 1st Spring Yearling R&W and 2nd Spring Yearling B&W, Western Spring National 2015
  • 1st Spring Yearling & H.M. Junior Champion California State Show (R&W) 2015
Mr Apples Action-Red
Budjon-Vail Deidra-Red EX-94-USA
2.09 305d 11.339kgM 3.4% 386F 2.9% 329P
4.04 305d 15.639kgM 3.2% 500F 2.8% 438P
5.11 305d 18.025kgM 3.5% 631F 2.8% 505P
  • Nom All-American R&W Milking Yearling 2013
  • Member HM All-American R&W Produce of Dam 2013
  • All-American R&W Fall Heifer Calf 2012
  • 1st Fall Heifer Calf International R&W Show 2012

Next Dams

4th Budjon Redmarker Desire *RC EX-96-USA 3E GMD
5th Triple-A Danee EX-92-USA 3E
6th Triple-A Linc Fancy EX-90-USA 2E
7th C Lessia Warden Pre Foxie EX-90-USA
8th Lessia Pre Foxie VG-85-CAN

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