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Southland Sweet Lady VG-88-NL 2yr.

(Big Winner x Mauro)

Reserve Intermediate Champion Etten-Leur


Southland Holsteins
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Reg No.



September 15, 2013

Production Records

2.02 305d 9.616kgM 4.2% 404F 3.2% 308P
3.01 (Proj) 305d 10.609kgM 4.6%F 3.3%P
Just fresh in 2nd lactation


88FR 88DS 88MS 86FL / VG-88-NL 2yr.


  • Magnificent Big Winner daughter! One of the best in the World!!
  • Reserve Intermediate Champion Etten-Leur '17
  • Classwinner (of her agegroup) at the National HHH Show 2016
  • Complete OUTCROSS pedigree!
  • No Shottle, Goldwyn, O-Man, Bolton or Planet blood in her pedigree
  • Deep American cow family, gong back on Swampy-Hollow cow family
  • From 14 generations VG or EXCELLENT!


De Crob Suzan 2 VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.01 286d 8.909kgM 4.4% 395F 3.4% 305P
3.00 305d 11.381kgM 4.3% 483F 3.4% 383P
4.09 305d 12.829kgM 4.2% 534F 3.3% 428P
5.10 305d 12.555kgM 4.1% 517F 3.3% 413P
Astrakan MAURO
Vechthoeve Conie 67 VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.01 305d 6.762kgM 4.3% 289F 3.4% 232P
3.01 287d 8.185kgM 4.1% 334F 3.3% 273P
De Crob Banita VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.07 394d 10.280kgM 4.7% 486F 3.5% 364P
3.10 384d 10.801kgM 4.5% 466F 3.5% 379P
5.00 428d 12.306kg 4.4% 541F 3.5% 428P

Next Dams

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5th Sweetblsttarget VG-87-NL 4yr.
6th Conant-Acres BS Simona EX-93-USA GMD DOM
7th VT-Borderline C Mark Sweet VG-89-USA GMD DOM
8th Conant-Acres-Jy Sweetnes VG-89-USA 3yr. GMD DOM
9th Swampy-Hollow Elevation Sweet EX-92-USA GMD DOM
10th Swampy-Hollow Sugar-Twin EX-91-USA GMD DOM
11th Swampy-Hollow Lad Connie VG-87-USA
12th Swampy Hollow Cinderella VG-88-USA
13th Swampy Hollow Inka Cindy-TW EX-92-USA
14th Valerie Cherrydale Lucifer EX-91-USA

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