The #1 RED CARRIER Charl: Hokovit Charl Ladypower 2!!

She came out as the #6 GTPI RED CARRIER female in Europe this August 2019 proof: Hokovit Charl Ladypower 2. Ladypower 2 guarantees for: +883 NM$ / +2654 GTPI in combination with flawless health traits: 6.2% SCE / >1100 Milk / +0.15% Fat / +1.5 DPR / 2.75 SCS / +182 Feed Efficiency. These incredible numbers makes her also the #1 GTPI & #1 NET MERIT Red Carrier Charl daughter in Europe!! She is backed by the MHD Numero Uno Fioka *RC VG-85-DE family and a maternal sister to one of the highest fertillity bulls in Switzerland: Hokovit FERTILLITY. 

Hokovit Charl Ladypower 2 (PEDIGREE)
Charl x KNS Flicka *RC (s. Modesty) x KNS Fantastic-P *RC (s. Supershot) x MHD Numero Uno Fioka *RC VG-85

  • #1 GTPI & #1 NM$ RED CARRIER Charl dtr with +883 NM$ and +2654 GTPI!! (08/19)
  • Complete profile: >1100 Milk/ +0.15%F/ +7 PL/ 2.75 SCS/ +182 FE/ 6.2% SCE/ +1.05 RA (08/19)
  • One of the very first CHARL daughters in Europe!!
  • A dtr of the transmitting giant KNS Flicka *RC!!
  • Sister to the huge bull Hokovit FERTILITY (+168 DGZW!!) (+1629 ISET) (04/19)
  • FERTILITY has the highest fertility index ever reached in Switzerland!

Dam: KNS Flicka *RC - sold in the German Masters Sale 2017 to Hokovit Genetics

Maternal sister: Hokovit Sanblack 3 - topseller 4. Alpview Sale '19 for 12.000 CHF

3rd dam: MHD Numero Uno Fioka *RC VG-85-DE


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Hokovit Genetics

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CH 4922
Phone: +41 (0) 629588080
Email: info@hokovit.ch

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