The Dairy strength of the Dutch branch from the Prudence's

The Dutch branch of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95-USA 5E GMD DOM is one with a huge capacity of Dairy strength & huge components. A great example are the Holbra Malon's! Holbra Malon VG-87-NL produced > 4.0 PROTEIN in six lactation with also an average of 11.000 kgM in 305 days. She is the dam to the fancy Balisto dtr Holbra Malon 3 VG-88-NL 2yr. and Balisto son Holbra Bastilo @ KI-Kampen. Malon 3 also got the genes of this family with producing >14.000 kgM with 3.8% Protein in her 2nd lactation. She was one of the highest Balisto daughters of her age in various sytems and has delivered several sons for A.I. For example the Stantons Adorable son Holbra Adori @ KI-Kampen. He provides the genes of the Dutch branch of the Prudence's for your herd. 

Holbra Malon 3 VG-88-NL 2yr. (PEDIGREE)
Balisto x Holbra Malon VG-87 (s. Man-O-Man) x Holbra Mascol Pam VG-87 x Sunday ALH Durham Prudence VG-88 x EX-90 x Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95
2.01 305d 12.316kgM 3.9% 478F 3.9% 482P
La2 305d 14.427kgM 4.3%F 3.8%P

  • Fantastic 2yr. old from the Holbra Prudence cow family
  • One of the highest Balisto daughters in various systems from her age
  • Full sister to Holbra Bastilo @ KI-Kampen
  • Dam to Holbra Mastershot (s. Jetset) @ KI-Samen & Holbra Silverspot (s. Silver) @ KI-Kampen
  • Fantastic production and PROTEIN cow! > 12.000kgM in 1st lactation with 3.9% PROTEIN!!
  • Grand dam has 4.0% PROTEIN in all 3 lactations!!
  • Family with high Genomics, Type & huge PROTEIN!
  • 7 Generations EXCELLENT in the pedigree

Dam: Holbra Malon VG-87-NL

Son: Holbra Adori (s. Adorable) @ KI-Kampen

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Holbra Holsteins
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7245 PE
Phone: +31 (0)573 401446
Email: a.holmer@hetnet.nl

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