The foundation behind the #2 NM$ & GTPI: Hul-Stein Callidora

She is the foundation behind the #2 Net Merit and #2 GTPI in the June intermediate run: Hul-Stein Callidora VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. This grand daughter of Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN 38* is sired by the #3 daugher proven GTPI sire in the breed Edg Rubicon and scored VG-86-NL with a VG-88-MS in her 1st lactation as a 2yr. Old. Her grand daughter is the #2 NET MERIT and #2 GTPI female in the June intermediate run in Europe. Her name is Hul-Stein Buttermilk. This Charl daughter is one of the very first Charl daughters in Europa and provides +1033 NM$ / +2891 GTPI with no holes in her index: >1800 Milk / 2.60 SCS / +7 PL / +112 Fat and +70 Protein. This family contains 10 generations VG- or EX-dams and traces back to Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday EX-90-USA GMD DOM.

Hul-Stein Buttermilk (PEDIGREE)
Charl x Hul-Stein Butterfly (s. Jedi) x Hul-Stein Callidora VG-86 (s. Rubicon) x VG-86 x Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90 x Stantons Lucky Cameo EX-90

  • The #2 GTPI & #2 NET MERIT female in the June intermediate run! (06/19)
  • Combining +2891 GTPI with +1033 NET MERIT and almost 2.0 PTAT!! (06/19)
  • Huge production traits: +1877 Milk / +0.15%F / >180 Combined Fat Protein! (06/19)
  • Great sire stack: Charl x Jedi x Rubicon x Shamrock
  • Going back on Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN, which produced many bulls for AI!

5th dam: Stantons Lucky Cameo EX-90-CAN 9*

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Murnserdijk 8
Mirns, Netherlands
8573 WN
Phone: +31 (0)5 14582453
Web Site: http://www.eurogenes.com/hul-stein
Email: info@ki-zwf.nl

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