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Willsbro Happen Aderyn 3648

(Happen x Miami x Delta-Lambda)

Here she is! The #9 PTAT Calf during the intermediate run in May'22 at +3.71 PTAT


Willsbro Holsteins
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Reg No.



February 1, 2022

Genomic Result

US 04/24 GTPI +2644 / NM $ 406 / PTAT +3.52 [ Details ]


  • Here she is! The #9 PTAT Calf during the intermediate run in May'22 at +3.71 PTAT
  • She scores in her Canadian Index: +8 Conformation with +9 Mammary System! (04/22)
  • She combines type, production and fitness!
  • Her index: +756kgM / +0.04%Pro / +0.1 Mastitis / +3.10 UDC / +2.05 FLC (05/22)
  • She is the #5 Happen daughter WORLD WIDE!!!!!
  • She has an amazing pedigree with a lot of VG or excellent dams!


Willsbro 1503
  • FRESH and looks promising
Willsbro Lambda Aderyn 34 VG-89-UK
2.01 305d 12.097kgM 4.2% 510F 3.5% 422P
  • VG-89 Lambda daughter with 2.20 PTAT!
  • Produced >10.000kgM in her first lactation!
Willsbro Abbott Aderyn EX-93-UK
1.11 305d 13.098kgM 4.2% 552F 3.5% 462P
3.06 305d 16.036kgM 4.0% 636F 3.3% 528P
  • EX-93 Abbott daughter!
  • >1000kg combined Fat + Protein in both lactations!

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