Wonderful year for Kedar Brown Swiss

Although 2018 has not come to her end. 2018 was an amazing and wonderful year for Kedar Brown Swiss. They participated at 5 shows with 5 different cows which all became GRAND Champion of the show!! What a fantastic achievement for the Kedar Brown Swiss team! There was also success with home-bred animals for other exhibitors: Kedar W'ment Jana was Grand Champion South West '18 for Sedgemoor Brown Swiss & Kedar Aurora was Grand Champion Cheshire '18 for Toi Toi Genetics. 

Kedar Rhapsody EX-93-UK (PEDIGREE)
- Grand Champion & Reserve Supreme Champion UK Dairy Expo 2018!

Kedar Alaska
- Grand Champion & HM. Supreme UK Dairy Day 2018

Kedar Sanchia Maria
- Grand Champion Agriscot 2018

Kedar Alino Carmen
- Grand Champion South West Scotland 2018

Kedar Rhapsolutely
- Grand Champion National Calf Show & All-Britain 2018

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Kedar Brown Swiss
Beyond the Burn
Dumfries, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7708513448
Email: jonnylochhead@btconnect.com

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