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Zandenburg Jetset Ebony

(Jetset x Boss x Snowman)

NVI +323 / +113 Type Jetset dtr from the Ebonys


Zandenburg Holsteins
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Reg No.



September 3, 2016

Genomic Result

NL 04/17 Type +113 / NVI +323


  • NVI +323 Jeset daughter with super type! (Type +113) 4/17
  • Dam is maternal sister to Zandenburg Sparkel - #1 Commander son for NVI (4/17)
  • From the EBONY Cow family, same family as the proven bull: JESTHER
  • Close family to Zandenburg Rainbow, Tropical *RC, Lawine, Hattrick & more
  • Same family as PASTON in Germany


Zandenburg Boss Ebony 3-ETS
  • Sister to Zandenburg Sparkle @ CRV
Zandenburg Snowman Ebony 1 EX-90-NL
2.03 305d 8.784kgM 4.2% 372F 3.5% 306P
3.04 35d 12.030kgM 4.2% 504F 3.5% 423P
4.05 305d 11.290kgM 4.4% 499F 3.5% 394P
5.07 305d (proj.) 13.479kgM 3.56% 480P
  • Dam to Zandenburg Sparkle - #1 Commander son for NVI (NVI +319 / RZG +146) 4/17
  • Her full sister is dam to Zandenburg Rainbow @ CRV
  • Sister to: Zandenburg Tropical *RC, Lawine & Hattrick
Flevo Genetics SNOWMAN
Zandenburg Twist Ebony EX-90-NL 5yr.
2.03 305d 9.143kgM 4.1% 372F 3.4% 309P
4.01 303d 9.835kgM 4.1% 400F 3.4% 330P
5.03 305d 14.574kgM 3.3% 481F 3.2% 469P
  • Maternal sister to Zandenburg Planet Ebony 3 VG-87-NL 2yr.
  • Zandenburg Ebony 3 dam to Zandenburg Motega (s. Snowman) @ Semex
  • Multiple sons in AI
  • Sister to Paston in Germany

Next Dams

4th Zandenburg Goldwyn Ebony VG-86-NL 2yr.
5th Lancelot Ebony VG-86
6th Webster Ebonya VG-87
7th Lucky L Ebony VG-89
8th Bellwood Ebony VG-86
9th Ebony Luck VG-89-NL 2yr.
10th Ebony Star VG-86 2yr.
11th Rocky-Vu Rotate Exctasy Ebony EX-94-USA 4yr. GMD DOM
12th Rocky-Vu Mars Esthe Exctasy VG-87-USA GMD DOM

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