Heerenbrink Angelina wins HHH-Show 2023!

The WTC Expo in Leeuwarden were this weekend the entrance for the HHH-Show 2023. The quality of the cattle and ambience was again fantastic! Grand Champion became the very promising Devour *RC daughter: Heerenbrink Angelina. Last year is Angelina also crowned as Intermediate Champion B&W and Grand Champion of the show and is showed again, this year fresh in her 3rd lactation.

Video / Photo credits: Veeteelt, Photo's by Fleur Maartje, Els Korsten Fotografie ©

Video Black&White champions HHH-Show 2023

Video Red&White champions HHH-Show 2023

Intermediate Champion B&W & Grand Champion B&W:: Heerenbrink Angelina (s. Devour *RC)


Reserve Intermediate Champion B&W: & Reserve Grand Champion B&W: Bertha 211 (s. Stantons Chief)

H.M. Grand Champion B&W & Senior Champion: Topcross Janice 1 (s. Charityman)

Res. Senior Champion B&W: Bons-Holsteins Roza 76 (s. Dempsey)

Owner: Bons Holsteins

2nd in her class with Intermediate Cows: Giessen Cinderella 216 (s. Pepper)
Giessen Holsteins 

2yr. old Champion: Drouner Cosmo 1836 (s. Alligator)

H.M. 2yr. old Champion B&W: Bons-Holsteins Dikkie 216 (s. Master)

2nd place herdgroup: Bons Holsteins 

3rd place herdgroups: Giessen Holsteins 


Intermediate Champion R&W & Grand Champion R&W: Twente Dairies Incredibull Mel (s. Incredibull)


2yr. old Champion R&W & Reserve Grand Champion R&W: Noorder Splash P​ (s. Mirand PP *RC)


Senior Champion R&W & H.M. Grand Champion R&W: Irma 68 (s. Curtis)


Reserve 2yr. old R&W: Willems-Hoeve mw Applause 26 (s. Moovin *RC)


2nd in her class: Batouwe Jrd Belladonna (s. Jordy-Red)
Batouwe Holsteins (NL)

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Bons Holsteins
Hoogtweg 6
Ottoland, Netherlands
2975 LD
Phone: +31 (0)6 30141782
Web Site: http://www.bons-holsteins.nl
Email: bons-holsteins@planet.nl

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Giessen Holsteins
J.Poststraat 38
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7918 AC
Phone: +31 (0)6 15330600
Web Site: http://www.tvanvliet.nl
Email: theovanvliet@home.nl

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Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
Kerkstraat 45
Dodewaard, Netherlands
6669 DB
Phone: +31 (0)6 57627524
Email: batouweholsteins@xs4all.nl

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